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D&D Kobold Press: Sanctuary of Belches is Now Available

Posted 30 Aug 2016: “The village of Olsha isin need.And we’re the only ones that can do something about it. Apparently, the entire village isbeing kept awake bythe noises coming from inside these halls. Are you all ready? Let’s get this” &# - more

Power Score: Stranger Things Chapter Four: The Body

Posted 30 Aug 2016:  The PartyMike: Dungeon Master : Intense Kid who is really rude to Eleven. What is this kid's tin: Comedic Goofy n: Kid with psychic b>NPCsJoyce Byers: Winona! Mother of Will, who is harlie Byers: Her teenage son who is deep and i>Officer Jim Ho - more

D&D Kobold Press: Makurian Caravan Guard: A Background

Posted 30 Aug 2016: Like many that hail from the desert city-states, you learned to read the language of the Lotus and Tamasheq Trails before you could even read the simplest Nurian scroll.Before you knew how to lace your own sandals, you knew the flicker of a camel - more

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Pacing Your Game

Posted 30 Aug 2016: Storm King: I just want to mention that I've been updating the guide to Storm King's Thunder with the free previews wizards has been putting out. You might want to check those out. Storm King's Thunder is out in game stores and it will be out in majo - more

Tribality: More Storm Kings Thunder Previews

Posted 30 Aug 2016: While we wait for our copy to arrive for review, we’re seeing a couple more previews from this fall’s adventure book, Storm King’s Thunder. WotC’s Extra Life campaign has hit $20,000, so here’s two more previews that hav - more

Jade Gaming News: Lethoras the Retired Sellsword

Posted 30 Aug 2016: In Barleydale there has long lived a retired elven sell-sword named Lethoras. He quit fighting almost a century ago and moved to the Dale to become chicken farmer, and lead a quiet and peaceful life. Lethoras normally keeps to himself, but over the y - more

Skyland Games: Star Wars The Force Awakens Beginner Game Review

Posted 30 Aug 2016: Clearly, I’m a huge fan of the FFG Star Wars line, and often they knock it out of the park. This review, however, will be mixed. One can’t blame FFG for cashing in on Star Wars mania since episode VII came out. On the Order 66 podcast som - more

Power Score: Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series - Episode 12

Posted 30 Aug 2016: You can watch this on youtube here. I got the impression that something big happens in this series, and I assumed that meant that somebody dies. I don't know if that is true or not, but we should find out soon enough.Are these characters "canon"? Is - more

Jade Gaming News: Life as a Greenwood Ranger in 2nd Ed AD&D

Posted 30 Aug 2016: Elijah's character John in JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign, is probably one of the coolest character kits I have come across. As we mentioned before in John's blog post, a Greenwood Ranger is a Ranger who has devoted his life to becoming a plant.You mu - more

Tribality: The Schemes of the Archfey

Posted 30 Aug 2016: In my last three articles on the fey, I presented a collection of fourteen Archfey. Today Im going to talk a bit about how to make their schemes against one another, and against the other powers of the world, intersect with the PCs. This will be a c - more

Master Of Dungeons: Lack of updates

Posted 30 Aug 2016: I know, I know, I haven't been posting much. Been a busy year. To tide you over until regular posting resumes here is a sneak peek at the introduction for an adventure I've written set in Limbo. I'm still deciding whether I should release it on DMs G - more

Power Score: Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 20 - Curse of Strahd

Posted 30 Aug 2016: You can watch this episode on Twitch here.Way back in episode 6, Rictavio helped the group understand Madame Eva's Tarokka reading. Basically, the group learned where the items that they need are:Evelyn: The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is in Argynvostho - more

Tribality: In Defense of Wands

Posted 30 Aug 2016: We are approaching the eve of another expansion for a popular fantasy video game. This time around, classes get an artifact weapon to level up and empower in different ways. Each specialization gets a different weapon to call their own. One thing abo - more

Jade Gaming News: On Chronomancers in 2nd Ed AD&D

Posted 30 Aug 2016: We discovered that Chronomancy was a School of Magic in 2nd Edition AD&D after flipping through the Complete Wizard's Spell Compendium - A monstrous four volume compendium that covered every Spell created in AD&D from 1979-1997. Chronomancy w - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Character Optimization...

Posted 30 Aug 2016: If there is anything that everyone sitting at the table does when they make a new character, it is definitely optimization. It doesn't matter whether you are a fighter or a wizard or a rogue. And it doesn't matter if your specialty is knives or bows, - more

Power Score: Force Grey: Giant Hunters Episode 7

Posted 30 Aug 2016: You can watch this episode here.I guess this is the final episode! It is just about time for Storm King's Thunder to be released, so I guess this will somehow involve Stratovan the cloud giant?The PAX Acquisitions Inc show is on September 4th. You ge - more