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CROSS PLANES: Savage Worlds: Bident

Posted 23 Sep 2018: Imagine pursing knowledge beyond any rational barrier? Being willing to sacrifice your chances for having a family, for being a spouse, all for your passion. What if that passion were to save your twin? A nearly exact duplicate of /div>Imagine the fe - more

THOUGHT EATER: Let's Read Polyhedron: Issue 6

Posted 23 Sep 2018: You can check out previous posts in this series HERE.Ok, let's see if Polyhedron can bounce back from a weak issue 5.So I dig the Boot Hill sort of cover.In the letters section someone writes in about a religious group trying to ban D&D from thei - more

Dungeon Solvers: How to Create a Treasure Hoard in D&D 5e

Posted 23 Sep 2018: Treasure and leveling-up are the two rewards that players get outside of just enjoying the game. Treasure is important, and honestly it can be pretty difficult to come up with treasure hoards and random rewards for players. Between the Dungeon Master - more

CROSS PLANES: Creature Crucible: Man-Thing for Labyrinth Lord

Posted 23 Sep 2018: /span>for Labyrinth br />AL N, MV 30', AC 3, HD 6, #AT 1 [unarmed], THAC0 13, DG 1d6, SV 6 fighter, ML 10, XP 30The Man-Thing is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a swamp where one can travel to any plane of existence. Any sentien - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 31 Aaron Retka

Posted 23 Sep 2018: This week I’m joined by Aaron Retka, Managing Editor for Geeks Who Drink. For the uninitiated, Geeks Who Drink is “a homegrownPub TriviaQuiz modeled after those in Ireland and the UK” that covers “everything from celebrities - more

Dungeon Solvers: Using a MacGuffin to Drive the Plot in D&D 5e

Posted 23 Sep 2018: There are plenty of D&D plots and stories that center around thwarting the villain and saving the world. You know, kill the lich hell-bent on taking over the world or slay the dragon that is terrorizing the countryside. These are staples for a re - more

Rand Roll: Table Rolls - Fantasy Place Names

Posted 23 Sep 2018: Wickfields is a village halfway between the towns of Stanlant andBrightisleHere we start a series of random tables for fantasy villages, towns and cities, starting with some basic names.Names by Sound, Word or Pseudo FantasyRoll on the two tables bel - more

Terminally Nerdy: A Terminally Nerdy Update

Posted 23 Sep 2018: Hello everyone! I figured I would sit down and post here on my blog my current and future plans for Terminally Nerdy. You all might have seen my Patreon post (it was public) going over things a bit but I… - more