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CROSS PLANES: 1,000 Faces: Homer the Talking Pig

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Male span>Ability n>Str 6      Dex 6      Con 8Int 12    Wis 12     Cha n>Traits:br />r />omer is the familiar to a wizard named Ianna Klump. Klump is away on business on another plane and Homer wasn' - more

CROSS PLANES: Undermountain

Posted 10 Dec 2018: A few months ago, I started running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. That portion of the campaign ended by having the Big Bad waste half the the party (I miscalculated how the player's would handle the r />I've moved the timeline along, and after a smallish - more

D&D Adventurers League Organizers: Detect Thoughts, Volume 1.1

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Welcome to Detect Thoughts! This series is something that I have wished for as a resource, particularly since my favorite DM does not use Facebook, and as such does not have access to the official Facebook groups for the Adventurers League. This make - more

Welcome to RJD20: Can't Play? Build.

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Nearly everyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons knows the following truth: The toughest monster to overcome isnt a rampaging tarrasque, a maniacal pit fiend outfitted with an Unholy Avenger, or a dark and powerful god raising armies of orcs, minotaur - more

Dungeon Solvers: Homebrew for Whips in D&D 5e

Posted 10 Dec 2018: It’s been a while since my last homebrew post on here, so I figured for my birthday and the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today I’d make a new batch of homebrew to tackle one of the biggest problems in D&D 5e. The problem? Whi - more

THOUGHT EATER: Let's Read Polyhedron: Issue 8

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Check out previous posts in this series HERE.Well, if you can't tell by the cover, Gangbusters has been released, and this issue promotes it with a cover image and a couple of articles. This issue is also a much more professional looking affair, with - more

Rand Roll: Interview with Kassoon of Rogue Legend 2

Posted 10 Dec 2018: "Often the generators I like the most are the least popular, and the ones I've given up on and just thrown up because I don't want to work on them anymore go on to be the most popular."This time we are with Kassoon of Rogue Legend 2Q&A - more

Power Score: Secrets of Castle Greyhawk 15 - The Mirror Realm

Posted 10 Dec 2018: A few years ago, I wrote a few articles about the original Castle Greyhawk. That's one of the first D&D dungeons, the place where Gary Gygax playtested the D&D rules. It is in the dungeons underneath Castle Greyhawk that heroes like Tenser, O - more

CROSS PLANES: Dungeon Crawl Classics: Spiderwere

Posted 10 Dec 2018: SPIDERWERE for Dungeon Crawl style="font-size: large;">Spider span> Bite +4 melee (1d8+2);/b> 1d20 ;SP If a creature walks into its web they need a DC 13 STR check to V Fort +3, Ref +2,Will /span>Human span> Weapon melee (1d - more

Rand Roll: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Generators Guide

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Generators for rituals and dooms, Germanic-sounding names and encounters in the forest...WFRP Generator GuideWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) has always used random tables. WFRP 4th Edition from Cubicle 7 starts this off with a roll for character ra - more

CROSS PLANES: Dungeon Crawl Classics: Solomon Grundy

Posted 10 Dec 2018: SOLMON GRUNDY for Dungeon Crawl style="font-size: large;"> Slam +7 melee (1d10+3); +6, Ref +3,Will r />A wealthy merchant named is murdered and his body is disposed of in a swamp. Fifty years later, the corpse is reanimated as a huge - more

Terminally Nerdy: State of the Nerd: December 2018

Posted 10 Dec 2018: Alright time for the monthly State of the Nerd post! Look, I am actually doing a second post about this topic wee! With it being the holiday season and the family issues on both my side and my wifes side… - more

Power Score: Orchard Episode 10: Erelhei-Cinlu

Posted 10 Dec 2018: I've been playing in a game on the Greyhawk Channel called Orchard. It is run by />I've written before about how I hate being a player, but lately I've felt that it is important for me to play as I tend to lose perspective as a DM and come off as to - more

CROSS PLANES: Dungeon Crawl Classics: Scanner

Posted 10 Dec 2018: SCANNER for Dungeon Crawl style="font-size: large;"> psychic assualt +6 missile fire (2d6); +1, Ref +2,Will pan style="font-size: large;">"Scanners" are people with unusual telepathic and telekinetic powers.(If you like this post and other - more