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The Tome Show: Spellcasting Part 4 (Bonus Action 013)

Posted 28 Nov 2015: In this episode James and Sam discuss the rules for Spellbooks (NOT Spell Books) in D&D. You can find an explanation of this rule in the Players Basic Rules D&D PDF on pages 30 and 31 or in the Players Handbook on page 114. - more

Tribality: Adventure Time for D&D 5e Part 1: Species

Posted 28 Nov 2015: Back in 2014, I ran a 4th edition D&D game set in the world of Adventure Time. I used a fantastic Adventure Time homebrew mod of D&D 4e, by Bloodghost, to run the game. After writing about post-apocalyptic fantasy settings last week, I’ - more

Jade Gaming News: 2nd Edition Bard Character Sheet

Posted 28 Nov 2015: In keeping with posting all of the interesting character sheets from the 2nd Edition Complete Handbooks; we continue bravely through the alphabetical list of character classes to Bards. Bards of course introduce as a playable class for a level 1 char - more

Tribality: Tribal Knowledge: The Single-Class Campaign

Posted 28 Nov 2015: This post explores the potential of each class for a single-class campaign and similar deviations from party breakdowns. This es that the reader is a DM looking for a new and unusual campaign concept. I realize that most of us have had an idea like - more

Off the Rails: Game Table Ideas III

Posted 28 Nov 2015: Heres the next iteration of my game table. Found some truly ingenious ideas from websites like instructables.com and videos posted by makers. Theres so many awesome features I want to add, but first things first. This table needs a skeleton, which - more

Jade Gaming News: Carthen: From Hymns of a Vagabond

Posted 28 Nov 2015: For my first (and soon to be second game) of Hymns of a Vagabond I played (will play) in my home town of Carthen.To say it is a tiny village is some what of an understatement. Aside from farm houses in the surrounding country side, Carthen consists o - more

Dungeon's Master: D&D Encounters: Out of the Abyss (Session 4.4)

Posted 28 Nov 2015: In our last session the PCs arrived in Gracklstugh, met the Red Dragon Wyrmsmith named Themberchaud, took a mission at the behest of the Keepers of the Flame, and battled a two-headed Stone Giant who was running mad through the streets in Darklake Di - more

DMDavid: Megadungeons in print and on the web

Posted 28 Nov 2015: Perhaps few people play megadungeons, but my look at the era when megadungeons ruled Dungeons & Dragons and why few people play them anymore revealed great interest in vast underworlds. So in this post, I present the megadungeons in print … - more

Tribality: Novel Inspiration: Kaminoans for 5th edition

Posted 28 Nov 2015: The kaminoanspecies in the Star Wars universe played an integral role in the fall of the Galactic Republic and rise of the Empire. The victims of a near-genocidal flood after their planet’s most-recent Ice Age, the kaminoans turned to highly s - more

Off the Rails: Game Table Ideas II

Posted 28 Nov 2015: The holiday season is coming up and guess what Santa, I want a game table! Well, maybe this one is too big for the fat man in red to deliver, so thisll be a gift from me to me. I went back to the drawing board and came up with two new designs. Lets - more

Jade Gaming News: 15mm Druid

Posted 28 Nov 2015: For last week's round of JADE's 1st ed Campaign Ivershill, Matt decided that for his first go in a tabletop roleplaying game, he would play a Druid.  So after making his character sheet, I sat down and painted this 15mm Druid from Splintered Lig - more

Jade Gaming News: #Characteroftheday Dice: Update

Posted 28 Nov 2015: UPDATE: The dice are now available for sale here: ay-dice Wow! We had not suspected such an overwhelmingly positive response to our #characteroftheday dice! You guys are all awesome!So to keep you as informed as possible here is an update with some m - more

Tribality: 5 Things The Legend of Zelda Taught Me About D&D

Posted 28 Nov 2015: I can recall getting my hands on The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System within a few months of its North American release in 1987. For the record, I was 8 years old. That shiny gold casing was like a beacon to many kids who had alw - more

Jade Gaming News: 15mm Halfling Theif

Posted 28 Nov 2015: For my D&D game last Friday I prepared this 15mm Halfling Thief for one of my players to use as her player character. I modelled the paint job off of her concept. While admittedly she was playing a gnome... At this scale there isn't much of a dif - more

Skyland Games: Dungeon Lord!

Posted 28 Nov 2015: The most amazing thing about Dungeon Crawl Classics is it’s community… and two years in, that community has only grown. It seems like every couple months a new zine is being published or a new third-party adventure is being announced or r - more

Tribality: D&D Monstrous Manual for 5th edition Part 1

Posted 28 Nov 2015: The D&D 5th edition monster manual has a ton of monsters to choose from, and they can be easily tweaked/adapted to different scenarios using the dungeon master’s guide. That is usually what I do. I take a strange creature, change a few thin - more

Jade Gaming News: Last Week With JADE: It's All About the Dice

Posted 28 Nov 2015: Counting today there are only 5 more days until you can by your very own #characteroftheday dice! They will be available on November 27th from the JADE store on this very blog! They will cost 12.99 and we will be shipping worldwide!You can get your v - more

Sly Flourish: Improving Pacing

Posted 28 Nov 2015: "Good pacing is probably the most important trait a GM can have." - Monte Cook, Weird Discoveries As dungeon masters who take their craft seriously, we must continually sharpen our skills. For some - more

Jade Gaming News: Nikki's 15mm Giant Snake

Posted 28 Nov 2015: It has been a while since JADE's friend Nikki painted a mini, and she was feeling like it was time to pick up the brush again. The problem was that most of my minis I have for other people to paint are in 28mmm and since I was switching over to 15mm, - more

Jade Gaming News: 2nd Ed Barbarian and Shaman Character Sheet

Posted 28 Nov 2015: After looking over the Ranger Character sheet from the Complete Ranger's handbook, i decided that I want a digital copy of every Complete Character sheet I could get my hands on. I also wanted to share these digital copies with you guys so that every - more

Jade Gaming News: 15mm Female Barbarian

Posted 28 Nov 2015: This mini from Khurasan Miniatures is fantastic example of how to do standard characters a little differently. Her fur attire clearly denotes her as being a barbarian, but rather than the usual axe/sword she wields a spear and shield, with what I am - more