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Jade Gaming News: Plague Marine Standard Bearer

Posted 23 Nov 2017: When I started Warhammer this odd and entirely pewter banner was one of the few that was available to chaos forces, and certainly the most Nurgle-like of the lot (aside from the standard you saw in the Old School Plague Marine Squad). My original pai - more

Alphastream: What is an Adventure Worth? (Part 2)

Posted 23 Nov 2017: How highly do we value the benefits an adventure provides? We look at adventures such as Jungle Treks and Tomb of Annihilation to examine what they are worth to us, and what it takes to achieve financial success as an adventure author. - more

The Kind GM: Map Return to the Daorm Caves Part 2

Posted 23 Nov 2017: Yes, I finally here. This is the third, and last, part of the Daorm caves. You can check out the previous parts here and here. Today we’re visiting the second path that leads to another series of caverns below the Daorm caves. This place is clo - more

Spilled Ale Studios: 5e: Xanathar's Guide to Everything Review

Posted 23 Nov 2017: Today I'm going to go over the content of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, giving some of my thoughts along the way.Xanathar's Guide To Everything dy> book starts with an introduction offering guidance on its contents and how best to use it. This sect - more

Tribality.com - D&D / RPG News & Resources: Alternate 5e Warlock

Posted 23 Nov 2017: (Authors note: to give credit where credit is due these ideas come from Rachael Arrons Eli Monpress series in which wizards can control a variety of forces due to the consciousness that exists in all things and these consciousnesses are either fo - more

Sly Flourish: Acererak's Prepared Spells

Posted 23 Nov 2017: Note: This article contains spoilers for the D&D adventure Tomb of Annihilation. We talk a lot about boss monsters here at Sly Flourish. We talked about running the Deadly Lich, Running Strahd, an - more

Biased Bill's World of Unplugged Gaming: Dungeon Master: Buildup

Posted 23 Nov 2017: There are many tools at the disposal of a craft Dungeon Master, and a classic one is clever use of buildup. Over the course of a campaign, there are many things we can build up with locations and people probably being the most common. Who doesn't wan - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Untamed Rant #13 Is Here!

Posted 23 Nov 2017: Earlier this week the 13th entry of the Untamed Rant was released! If you haven’t heard it you can listen below as we ramble on about faeries, tricks, Baba Yaga, and skip through a topic that, honestly, deserves many episodes.   - more