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D&D Adventurers League Organizers: Changing of the Guards

Posted 12 Dec 2017: Wizards announced today that there will be a change in the admin lineup for the D&D Adventurers League. Effective January 1st, 2018, I, Robert Adducci will no longer be the Community Manager. Alan Patrick will step into the Community Manager role - more

The Id DM: Dungeons & Dragons Holiday Giveaway

Posted 12 Dec 2017: As I recently updated on my Patreon page, it has been quite a year for my family and I. Through it all, I have been happy to post new episodes of Ego Check with The Id DM and write a … Continue reading mg alt="" border="0" height="1" &feed - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Review: Psionics RPG

Posted 12 Dec 2017: It is a little later than I wanted to have the review out, but I am happy to finally do so! End Transmission Games produced this game and it utilizes a similar system to Splinter. If that name is familiar to you, that’s because we reviewed Spli - more

Sly Flourish: Tweaking Monster Hit Points

Posted 12 Dec 2017: When we look at monster hit points in the Monster Manual, we're given two numbers. We're given the monster's hit dice equationthe equation that tells us the range of hit points a monster can ha - more

Power Score: Tomb of Annihilation 11 - Whirling Fury

Posted 12 Dec 2017: You can watch this session on Youtube here. Annalisse couldn't make it to this session, so I reached out and was able to get Lysa Chen to jump in as a guest star. Lysa is one of the Guild Adepts. She's the one who made the bath house encounter (from - more

Power Score: Planescape - Blood War XXVIII. Theran's Soul

Posted 12 Dec 2017: You can check out the podcast version of this session right here. Recordings: I have recordings of hundreds of D&D sessions stretching back to 2008. I have recordings of many of these Planescape sessions. I can't really post them as they are full - more

Power Score: Planescape - Blood War XXVII. Baphomet's Revenge

Posted 12 Dec 2017: I finally posted a session as a podcast. I've been recording these since the beginning. The Party(Jessie) Bidam - Black-Scaled Dragonborn Fighter(George) Theran - Golden Slaad WizardLast time, the group helped out the s Blibdoolpoolp in exchange for - more

CROSS PLANES: Oakhurst: Rangers of Roan

Posted 12 Dec 2017: The Rangers of Roan were founded 587 years ago in the Monarchy of Sumter when Princess Roan was visited by the goddess Melora who wanted to aid in the building of alliance between her Father, Monarch Thurston and the wood elves of the nearby forest o - more