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Rand Roll: Adventurer Rolls - The Crows and the Avengers

Posted 14 Nov 2018: The Green Giants became so famous in Waterdeep that in time they were simply "the Giants" Continuing on with Names for Adventuring Parties you will find a couple of tables on plurals.Heroes, Avengers and AngelsThere are more adventuring nam - more

CROSS PLANES: B/X Essentials: Shimmer Boy Armor

Posted 14 Nov 2018: Shimmer Boy Armor is a product of the Outsiders who came from beyond the Wyrmholes that have opened up over the last decade. At least a dozen of these walking siege engines wearing shimmering, metallic armor. What's worse is that each of the suits ar - more

Sly Flourish: Why I Love Madness

Posted 14 Nov 2018: As part of the work we did on the Lazy Dungeon Master's Workbook, I surveyed the Kickstarter backers of Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and asked them which references, charts, and tables they found - more

www. Newbie DM .com: The many faces of Durnan the Wanderer

Posted 14 Nov 2018: Looking for danger and excitement, are you? Well dont be so eager to hunt it down it often finds you soon enough in this city. If you ever want to ever live to see your first gray hair, youll learn to not rashly seek out peril at every opportunity. - more

The Kind GM: Kickstarter RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights

Posted 14 Nov 2018: RPG comic book you say? The latest Kickstarter project by Cawood Publishing is for a comic book called RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights. They have teamed up with the artist Domenico Neziti to bring you a 7″ by 7″ softcover book filled with - more

Dungeon Solvers: Dealing with Dungeon Master Burnout

Posted 14 Nov 2018: I’d wager that Dungeon Master burnout is one of the top 3 reasons for a D&D campaign dying off. It can be a lot of work to prep for your sessions, doubly so if you’re creating a homebrew campaign. Depending on how experienced a DM you - more

Rand Roll: Interview with Ben Overmyer of Iron Arachne

Posted 14 Nov 2018: ...a human would intuitively know that a coastal town probably exportsfish and has a problem with storms. Getting a computer program to takethat into account takes more than a bit of effort.Ben Overmyer of Iron Arachne is our latest Creative.Q&A - more

The Tome Show: All About Wizards! Part 1 (Tome 309)

Posted 14 Nov 2018: In this episode Jeff and Tracy sit down with Ishmael Alvarez and Eric Paquette to discuss the wizard class in 5th edition D&D.Bumper Music byAmy VorpahlLinks:Tracy on TwitterTracy on the WebEric on TwitterIshmael Alvarez on FacebookIshmael Al - more

CROSS PLANES: 1,000 Faces: Rooster Woebegon

Posted 14 Nov 2018: Rooster an>Male 5E Level 6 Assassin Roguel 6 ThiefAbility n>Str 12    Dex 16    Con 13Int 11    Wis 10     Cha n>Traits:n>an>Holds A GrudgeInsecureooster could just as easily be a criminal contact as a riv - more