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Melvin Smif's Geekery: Temple of the Spider D&D 5e Adventure

Posted 16 Aug 2018: Before you direct you attention to the post below can I be so bold as to interest you in a gaming Convention? This November in downtown Dayton, Ohio The RPG Academy will be hosting AcadeCon for their 6th year! Registration … Continue reading &# - more

The Kind GM: #RPGaDay 2018: Days 11-15

Posted 16 Aug 2018: I’m back and it’s time to do some rapid fire answers. Hey everyone. Sorry for the absence of the last couple of days. A few things came up and had very little time to spend on writing. But I’m here now so let’s do this! Day 11 - more

Welcome to RJD20: Acute Adventures: Down the Wishing Well

Posted 16 Aug 2018: Townsfolk who wander near Westports wishing well have been experiencing strange occurrences: Feverish dreams, rampant sleepwalking, and more. A wizard of Westport suspects the worst, and calls out for adventurers to delve into the wishing well to di - more

The Tome Show: Film ReRoll (Performance Check 007)

Posted 16 Aug 2018: In this episode of Performance Check, Jon has a discussion with Paulo Quiros the creator and GM of the Film ReRoll Podcast, an actual play podcast that focuses on one-shots of some of your favorite films.Performance Check is a monthly show focused o - more

CROSS PLANES: Creature Crucible: Fin Fang Foom

Posted 16 Aug 2018: Fin Fang >for Labyrinth br />AL C, MV 40 (Fly 100), AC -1, HD 13, #AT 3 or 1 (2 claw, 1 bite or >THAC0 10, DG 1d8, 1d6+8, 4d8, SV 13 fighter, ML 12,  Breath weapon is 50' long, 40' wide cloud of chlorine gas,Foom may cast 5-1st le - more

CROSS PLANES: Untold Adventures: Manaconda

Posted 16 Aug 2018: Art by Manaconda for Untold r />Armor Class: 5 [14]Hit Dice: 6Attacks: ConstrictSpecial: When a creature is hit by a manaconda, they must    on a Saving Throw get free of it at the beginning of their iv>Move: Standard on land, Fast in - more

Dungeon Solvers: D&D Monster Monday: Maw Demon

Posted 16 Aug 2018: You hear the screams of the villager as they plead for mercy from the demon that slowly approaches them. Drool and spittle dribbles out of the demon’s mouth and it speaks nothing but gibberish as it approaches. You rush towards it, weapons draw - more

The Tome Show: Behind the DM Screen (July 2018)

Posted 16 Aug 2018: In this episode Mike, Sam, and Jeff talk about their games from July 2018.Thank you to our p>Noble Knight GamesDice EnvyLinks:Sam on TwitterSam on the Web Mike on TwitterMike on the Web >Jeff on Twitter/p>how - more

THOUGHT EATER: Review: The Blasphemous Roster

Posted 16 Aug 2018: So today I am reviewing The Blasphemous Roster by Michael Raston with Ben L and Trent B. The layout is by Luke Gearing.So, Raston's home game is set in and around a sprawling, aged, and corrupt city called Infinigrad. The city is filled with competin - more