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Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Curse of Strahd

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Now that I've gone over the book in agonizing detail, I am ready to write a review of Curse of Strahd, a Dungeons & Dragons adventure meant for characters levels 1-10. I'll try and make this short and sweet (hours later: I failed).We'll go over t - more

Power Score: Planescape - Bechard, Demon Lord of Tempests

Posted 30 Apr 2016: On Sunday I ran another homebrewed session of Planescape. Next week, we're going to start Tales From the Infinite Staircase.This session was all about "playing with toys." I picked out NPCs and concepts that I personally enjoy and worked out a scenar - more

Tribality: D&D Survey Results & April Survey

Posted 30 Apr 2016: The results are in from the last survey which asked what you’d like to see more of (feats, classes, spells, races, etc.) and looked at the mystic. This month’s survey is out asking for feedback on the DM’s Guild and April’s Un - more

Jade Gaming News: Is Airsoft LARPing?

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Adam's M4, Dave's Ak-74 and Elijah's MP/STG Two weeks ago we had our first airsoft game with the JADE crew. We were unprepared and ill equipped but we still had a blast! We went to a friends property out in the bush of Southern Ontario where I grew u - more

A Walk in the Dark: The Reality of the DMs Guild

Posted 30 Apr 2016: In case you're not aware, our first Kickstarter for The Coming Dark, Chapter One: Into the Light has finally launched on Kickstarter. Initially, based on the information we had from the past, we intended to release it through the DM's Guild. That rea - more

Master Of Dungeons: Roll Table - Madness

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Have a new roll table this week, roll for Madness. I made this table for an upcoming adventure that goes a little more in-depth than blog posts have here in the past. The adventure takes place in Limbo, the plane of chaos. The players in that adventu - more

Master Of Dungeons: Helpful Online Tools #5 - Dungeon Edition

Posted 30 Apr 2016: I've mentioned before how much I love online tools. In fact I have four previous blog posts (Saturday Grab Bag - 3 Online Tools, Saturday Grab Bag - Online Tools #2, Saturday Grab Bag - Online Tools #3, and Helpful Online Tools #4) det - more

Tribality: Fey Enchanters and Their Lairs

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Two weeks ago in this series on the fey, I shot the moon for the Challenge Rating with the Eldest. This time Im dialing it back a bit, and looking at the velvet glove of the Feywild: fey enchanters. They are courtiers, spies, diplomats, and weavers - more

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Plus Issue 7

Posted 30 Apr 2016: It's that time again! Dragon Plus Issue 7 is out. Let's roll up our sleeves and put on our pointy wizard hats.You can read this issue here.As always, I am focusing on the tabletop D&D stuff in this issue. There's also articles about the Baldur's - more

Ultanya: A Fistful of Weird Dice

Posted 30 Apr 2016: This past weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of attending Legacies Game Day in Havertown, PA. Although most of our day was spent behind our Ultanya Publishing table, we managed to play Black Powder, Black Magic by Stormlord Publishing. Admittedly - more

Jade Gaming News: Zeugo Subbuteo Figures

Posted 30 Apr 2016: After countless games of frustration with the standard Subbuteo pieces that came with my 2012 Starter Set, the guys and myself had finally had enough. We needed nicer pieces that would actually let us play a game without the figures rolling around.So - more

Power Score: Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 5 - Curse of Strahd

Posted 30 Apr 2016: The title of this episode is: Naked Uppercut in the RainThere was no DCA last week, probably because of PAX. I really wish they'd keep this on a weekly schedule.Where to Watch This Show: I didn't realize that Twitch archives each episode. That means - more

Tribality: The Legend of Zelda Franchise and the D&D Roadmap

Posted 30 Apr 2016: In the spirit of journalistic, or at least hack-authorial, integrity, this article was written with a large amount of opiates in my system. I had an osteotomy on my left shoulder done last week. As a life hack, Id recommend not doing anything that - more

Notes of a Wandering Alchemist: In Defense of D&D 4E

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Ok, so the name of this article is a little bit misleading. The point isn't to defend just 4th Edition, but to defend D&D in general. Why? Edition wars, complicated rules, "better" games. You name it, someone has cast D&D into a pit never to see - more

Jade Gaming News: The 15mm Minotaur

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Elijah painted an absolutely amazing Minotaur for his Maze of the Minotaur Campaign some time ago. However it was far to gigantic for our 15mm figures. So I did some looking and found this 15mm Minotaur from Ral Partha Europes Demon World line.Thoug - more

Tribality: The Shaman Class for D&D 5th Edition Preview

Posted 30 Apr 2016: Ever since I put together a Western themed D&D game, I’ve been focused mainly on the guns of the Wild West. Movies have inspired me like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Lone Ranger, Once Upon a Time in the West, and Shane. But lately I have - more