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Dungeon Solvers: D&D Monster Monday: Sea Spawn

Posted 18 Mar 2019: “What’s happening to me!?” you scream as you feel your bones shift and turn. Your skin painfully twists and stretches. The sea hag chuckles as [...]The post D&D Monster Monday: Sea Spawn appeared first on Dungeon Solvers. - more

D&D Duet: Creating a Vibrant World with Character Types

Posted 18 Mar 2019: One of the best ways to make our RPG worlds feel real and vibrant is to fill them with well-rounded characters who are integrated into the game world at all levels of play. This post covers seven basic character categories: the primary character, cen - more

Old School Role Playing: Mind Flayers in Dungeons and Dragons

Posted 18 Mar 2019: The Mind Flayer is an iconic part of Dungeons and Dragons. These fearsome denizens of the Underdark are deadly enemies of nearly all who encounter them. Those that they do not kill they enslave. They are the Illithids. They are monstrous enemies with - more

Rand Roll: 5E Generators Guide - Characters & NPCs

Posted 18 Mar 2019: "Zdomek: Male Half-orc Fighter, NG. Str 12, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 7, Wis 12, Cha 5. Zdomek is tall, with curly blonde hair and soft green eyes. He wears ring mail and wields a >A guide to the tools and generators for creating and fleshing out D& - more

RJD20: Building a D&D Pantheon - Part 3

Posted 18 Mar 2019: The ancient texts, youve not read them? the robed figure asked. Her voice sounded accusatory, angry even, but the minotaur shook his head. Then the time, it has not come. The robed figure turned to leave but paused beneath the worn stone doorfr - more

CROSS PLANES: Vigilante City: Hydra Agent

Posted 18 Mar 2019: Hydra Agent for Vigilante CityArmor Class: 13Hit Dice: 2Move: 16Actions: 1Attack Damage: Pislto (d6+1)Bonuses: +2 to Melee attack, +2 to Range div>Morale: Terror: HDE: 2 - more

D&D Duet: Adding Secondary PCs to Your Duet

Posted 18 Mar 2019: This post discusses what secondary PCs are, how you can incorporate them into your game, and why you might want to. Secondary PCs are a great way to develop DMPCs and sub-plots in your duet. They can also give you some breathing room if you need more - more

THOUGHT EATER: Humpday Blog-O-Rama 3.13.19

Posted 18 Mar 2019: Blogs are an integral, vital part of the RPG hobby. They serve as incubators for new games, sounding boards for fresh ideas, and platforms for up-and-coming talent. They keep "forgotten" games alive, foster discussions, and build communities. Not eve - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 40 James Haeck

Posted 18 Mar 2019: James Haeck, Lead Writer for D&D Beyond and Coauthor of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Critical Role’s Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting joins the pod to educate me about how Critical Role overlaps with elements of the RPG and D&D landscape - more