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Power Score: High Rollers D&D - Episode 1

Posted 29 May 2016: Over the next week or two, I will be checking out different D&D streams/podcasts and reviewing them. Today I am doing High Rollers. You can watch this episode on youtube here.This show is very well done. They have a sweet technical setup and they - more

Notes of a Wandering Alchemist: A Brave New Worlds Interrogation

Posted 29 May 2016: Happy Friday everyone! Today's episode of Untamed Dice is episode 12 of Brave New Worlds. Catch our heroes get a dose of reality and of what's going on as they learn some information and decide what to do next! If you recall, last week featured th - more

Tribality: PaizoCon 2016

Posted 29 May 2016: PaizoCon 2016 is on now in Seattle Washington at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels. For 4 days (May 27-30, 2016), fans will get to enjoy Pathfinder Society events, panels, workshops and hanging out with each other and Paizo staff. Join us for PaizoCon 2016 - more

Tribality: Death Is Not The End

Posted 29 May 2016: This week I’m taking a break from the Campaign Trail, but the good news is that guest author Rabbit Stoddard is taking my place (and I think she did a great job). Rabbit provides a ton of ideas to avoid having the death of your party be the end - more

Power Score: Critical Role: Episode 1 - Arrival at Kraghammer

Posted 29 May 2016: I decided to check out Critical Role, a streaming D&D game played by voice actors. It's on Geek and Sundry. Just like with Dice, Camera, Action, I'm going to recap the show, give timestamps to my favorite moments and then weigh in on my overall t - more

Tribality: Domain Rulership, Part Six

Posted 29 May 2016: Two weeks ago, I talked about the Stronghold Builders Guidebook, the main 3.x-based book for stronghold construction and domains. I also mentioned a third-party product, A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe, by Expeditious Retreat Press. In - more

Power Score: Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 9 - Curse of Strahd

Posted 29 May 2016:  You can watch this episode on Twitch here. I think Chris mentioned last week that this session would be entitled "Nine-Tenths of the Law," but I'm not positive. Nate is on a plane, so we are Paultin-less. Well, not really. You'll see..No game n - more

Ultanya: Remembering Dave Hargrave

Posted 29 May 2016: In memoriam, I wanted to talk a bit about Dave Hargrave aka The Dream Weaver. Today would have been his birthday as he was born May 25, 1946. Most grognards know him as the author of the The Arduin Trilogy. They are, in order, The Arduin Grimoire, We - more

Tribality: Adventure Creation Lessons from Technoir

Posted 29 May 2016: One of the best tabletop games I have ever played is Technoir, by Jeremy Keller. Technoir is a small tabletop RPG released back in 2011-2012 (Kickstarter and actual release, respectively) centered around games of, surprises, the tech noir genre. What - more

Power Score: Tales From the Infinite Staircase - The Dream Well

Posted 29 May 2016: This past week I had a lot of real life work stuff to take care of. Usually I like to prepare a day or two in advance, and then put some final touches on my plans a few hours before game time. But for this game, I had to wait until game day to assemb - more

Ultanya: Curse of Strahd: Old Bone Grinder

Posted 29 May 2016: Warning: Curse of Strahd Spoilers Ahead!This past weekend the players in my Curse of Strahd campaign found their way to the Old Bone Grinder. Once a grain mill, it is now the abode of a coven of vicious hags. The hags are trapped in Barovia but are m - more

Tribality: Talking Roll20CON with Nolan T. Jones of Roll20

Posted 29 May 2016: Just over a year ago I interviewed Nolan T. Jones, co-founder of Roll20. This time we’re checking in with Nolan to talk about Roll20CON which is being held on June 3, 2016 and it’s FREE! Shawn: Hi Nolan! Thanks for taking a little bit of - more

Sly Flourish: Finding Players

Posted 29 May 2016: Note: This article has been updated from the original published in September 2012. Of all the difficulties facing our desire to run D&D games, the greatest difficulty will always be finding and ke - more

Ludus Ludorum: GET MEDIEVAL: Warfare in the Middle Ages, Part I

Posted 29 May 2016: Tweet Follow me Although many fantasy games contain military elements, large-scale campaigns, wars, and sieges, few games seem to reflect how medieval armies really operated. When a military unitappearsin a game, its structure is often simply a gr - more

Skyland Games: Zine Scene Crawl 11 The Seafaring Issue

Posted 29 May 2016: Mike and I attended GaryCon VII (2015) together, and had an incredible time. While I bought up just about everything I didn’t already own that Goodman Games has released, Mike had the forethought to take one look at the rack of zines available, - more

The Id DM: A Celebration of Predator

Posted 29 May 2016: I saw Predator in a delightful micro-theater this week, and it has triggered a flood of warm thoughts and nostalgia. Before DVDs, Blu-rays, videos-on-demand, and streaming services, the easiest way to watch a movie over and over again was to … - more