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Nerdarchy: Running an Undead Campaign for 5E D&D

Posted Saturday 20 Feb 2021: Undead in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons come in all manner of sizes and shapes and all levels of threat. From a Tiny will-o’-wisp to a Huge dracolich plotting the destruction of all living things undead can be the center of a 5E D&D - more

Wizards D&D Articles: Episode 22 - The Bleak Braewinter

Posted Friday 19 Feb 2021: The party have taken up a job as adventurers for a fellow noble, seeking to find and return a lost family relic for Lady Vannifer Braewinter. After receiving the job information from the ladys personal mage, the... - more

D&D Beyond: How to Adapt Marvel's WandaVision for D&D

Posted Friday 19 Feb 2021: When a piece of media rockets to the epic status that a show you can almost hear the collective sound of Dungeon Masters around the world clapping their hands together as they begin to scheme... Here are some tips for how you can make an style="font - more

Throat Punch Games: Daily Punch 2-20-21 Elite feat for DnD 5e

Posted Friday 19 Feb 2021: Made this for Starfinder, but I think it fits in Eberron as well. Elite You are just that good. You can spend a hero point to make two checks instead of one as an action when you use a skill with which you are proficient. If you succeed at one check - more

Throat Punch Games: Daily Punch 2-18-21 Elite feat for Starfinder

Posted Friday 19 Feb 2021: Sometimes you are just that damn good. Running an adventure where the players are doing checks in phases and I think that some of them would like this one. Elite You are just that damn good. Prerequisites: Computers, Engineering, Life Science, Mystic - more

The Kind GM: Battle Map Temples Inner Room

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: Does anyone need another battle map? This one is set in the inner room of a temple. It’s quite roomy with not a lot of clutter, because I like battle maps this way. I think it’s better to leave a lot of space for the characters to move. H - more

The Alexandrian: Advanced Gamemastery: Mysteries in RPGs

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: I’m launching my new Youtube channel today. The first video is Advanced Gamemastery: Mysteries in RPGs, looking at the Three Clue Rule. The original Three Clue Rule essay was written in 2008. Revisiting the material today in this new format was - more

D&D Beyond: How To Create Gripping Chase Scenes In D&D

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: Chase scenes remain in a viewers head forever.  And with some planning, any Dungeon Master can create the same nail-biting moments in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, delivering just as many thrills as a combat encounter when done well. Here a - more

Master The Dungeon: Making a Monster Palette

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: Most people dont randomly choose enemies when theyre doing their session preparation. Much like a painter choosing the colors for their artwork, you have to choose a selection of monsters that work well together. The themes can range from basic ene - more

Codex Anathema: Relics of Old

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: Let's talk about how to introduce relics in your campaigns, and give you the mighty Kloinjer as an example. - more

Throat Punch Games: Daily Punch 2-16-21 Osteocraft spell for DnD 5e

Posted Wednesday 17 Feb 2021: Been reading some course work in anatomy. How about we dissolve or make some bones! Osteocraft 4th-level necromancy Casting Time: 1 actionRange: TouchComponents: V, SDuration: 1 action You touch a creature on a limb. If the creature fails a Constitut - more