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Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Arcana Checks and Spell Use

Posted 24 Jun 2016:  The point of this article is to define what it is that a 5th edition Arcana check can do, and then to lay out certain "utility" type spells by group.I want to make a simple reference for non-combat spells that bad guys or allies of the characte - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Oath of the Medjai

Posted 24 Jun 2016: Sorry for the day late post, but here it is! This week's new release is a new Oath for the paladin in 5th edition, as promised. This archetype was based a bit off of the idea of medjai in the Mummy movie series, and the idea that a group of people - more

Tribality: Origins Award Winners 2016

Posted 24 Jun 2016: The winners of the 2016 Origins Awards, as given out by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair, are: Game of the Year! – Codenames from Czech Games Best Board Game & Fan Favorite – Star Wars: Imper - more

Tribality: Tribal Knowledge: Playing with a Strangers Toys

Posted 24 Jun 2016: DriveThruRPG, the DMs Guild, and the gaming blogosphere are just the newest sourcesof the huge wealth of setting material that has been published for D&D, to say nothing of WotCs extraordinarily deep catalog of content. In this article, Im ta - more

Power Score: Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series - Episode 3

Posted 24 Jun 2016: We've had two sessions of planning so far.  Tonight we're busting into the dwarven vault to snatch a piece of the rod of seven parts! I think this is going to be really great.Random Thought: I think it would be really cool if they made a few ani - more

Power Score: Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 11 - Curse of Strahd

Posted 24 Jun 2016: You can watch this episode on Twitch here. Last week I was googling Tony DiTerlizzi Lady of Pain art and look what I found:That's Holly with one of the great D&D artists, Tony DiTerlizzi. Holly has a tattoo of the Lady of Pain! And she is holding - more

Jade Gaming News: The Stick Throwing Goblin Crush-O-Matic

Posted 24 Jun 2016: Last weekend we had the chance to finally use the 1st ed AD&D Gnomish Tinker Dragonlance rules in game. The class can be found in the Dragonlance Adventures book, and has got to be one of the coolest classes I know.Gnomish Tinkers have the innate - more

Tribality: Popstar and Putting a Good Twist on Classics

Posted 24 Jun 2016: I am taking a break from the Ziran series this week to focus on some GM advice from an unlikely source: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Im a big fan of the directorial efforts of Christopher Guest. When your weakest entry into films is the stil - more

DMDavid: Spells that ruin mystery and treachery

Posted 24 Jun 2016: In my last post, I explained how Dungeons & Dragons includes a variety of spells that can ruin adventures. Confined to the original megadungeons, spells like Know alignment and Commune caused no trouble. But as D&D grew to embrace more … - more

Power Score: Planescape - The Argent Palace

Posted 24 Jun 2016:  Earlier this week I bought the Dead Gods 5e Conversion Guide off of the DMs Guild site. I wish this was out 6 months ago! It has a bunch of stuff that's useful for my campaign, especially the write-up of the warp sense spell.It also has monster - more

Tribality: Whats Up With MF0 Turn Order?!?

Posted 24 Jun 2016: Perhaps the most perplexing thing about Mobile Frame Zero is turn order. It constantly shifts from round to round, and even within the round. On the one hand, it’s one of those things that “will be easier once you get used to it”, b - more

Ultanya: Review: RPG Coasters

Posted 24 Jun 2016: One thing common at every gaming table are a variety of beverages. Coasters keep the surface of the table safe from drips and condensation. If you are a gamer then you need cool coasters, right? Well look no further then! RPG Coasters are designed by - more

Jade Gaming News: 15mm Twistneed the Frigid

Posted 24 Jun 2016: Twistneed the Frigid is quite a famous character around the JADE table. His reputations comes from be given the title of "Only Player Character to have Beaten Ivershill". He managed to defeat a superior, force, steal a bag of gold pieces, and acquire - more

The Id DM: My Patreon Campaign: Whos Coming With Me?

Posted 24 Jun 2016: In recent months, I have experienced several things in my personal and professional life that have provided additional clarity as it pertains to my creative efforts with the blog. That sentence is incredibly vague, but the summation is that my … - more

Skyland Games: DCCRPG The Dread God Al-Khazadar Review

Posted 24 Jun 2016: The Skyland Games crew has been busy these last few weeks! Mike and Kevin attended North Texas RPG con, which we will likely need to write a longer recap about later, but here is my tiny review: if you go to cons for the gaming, NTRPGcon is definitel - more

Power Score: Heroes & Halfwits - Episode 1

Posted 24 Jun 2016: You can watch this show here at the Achievement Hunter site.You can also watch this episode on youtube here.Heroes & Halfwits is a brand new D&D show from Achievement Hunter, a very popular video game site.As usual, I'm going to recap what ha - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: New Untamed Dice!

Posted 24 Jun 2016: Today I have a brand new episode of Edge of the Empire for you. This ends our first session for that campaign, but there is still more to come. And if you are worried for the crew's safety don't worry, this is the rockiest part of the road for them - more

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragonites - Episode 3

Posted 24 Jun 2016: You can watch this episode on youtube right here.This is the D&D game that blends Pokemon concepts into D&D. I covered episodes 1 & 2 here. I really love that this show is also in audio form. I've been listening to pieces of this episode - more