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Terminally Nerdy: Mythic Mint Prop Coins: A Preview

Posted 21 Mar 2018: Hello lovely readers! Today I bring you a small preview of a new Tabletop RPG and Live Action RPG Prop Item: Mythic Mint Coins. I was contacted by these fine folks asking if I was interested in taking a look… - more

Jade Gaming News: Indian Folland Gnats

Posted 21 Mar 2018: The Folland Gnat is British made micro-fighter jet from 1959. Designed to be a light, maneuverable, and first and foremost cheap to manufacture, the 28' long fighter was adopted by four countries: the United Kingdom, Finland, Yugoslavia and India.How - more

The Tome Show: The Captive Flame (Tome Book Club)

Posted 21 Mar 2018: In this episode Jeff, Eric, and Tracy discuss Richard Lee Byers The Captive Flame. Their discussion is followed by an interview with the author.Thanks to our sponsor, Noble Knight /p>Links:Richard Lee Byers on TwitterRichard Lee Byers on Facebook - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Where Are We Going??

Posted 21 Mar 2018: The short answer: no where, of course!! As you know 2018 has had a bumpy start. First I made one of my fingers useless for a while. Then there was a hurricane. Next was a blizzard. While 5 of 20 days without power isn’t the worst thing to happe - more

Loot The Room: Save or Suck: Perilous Pits

Posted 21 Mar 2018: If you follow me on Twitter youll have seen that Ive been working my way through back issues of Dragon Magazine, beginning at issue #1. As well as being a fascinating glimpse into the history and development of this hobby Read More - more

Welcome to RJD20: Evolving Encounters

Posted 21 Mar 2018: Friday night. My group confidently strides into the sizzling, green portal leading to Ozus, the third layer of the Ten Hells in my world. Awaiting them is their a master of ooze and warlock of Juiblex, Magus Sint. As they arrive on Ozus, the portal - more

Jade Gaming News: Vestan the Elven Fighter

Posted 21 Mar 2018: In Game 21 of JADE's 1st AD&D Campaign Hymns of a Vagabond, we encountered Sirva the a>, and her travelling companion Vestan the Elven Fighter.The two claimed to be old friends, but from their conversations it would seem that they hadn't seen one - more

Sly Flourish: Lost Monuments of Chult

Posted 21 Mar 2018: The eternal buzz of carniverous insects fills the humid air. Each step in the swamp threatens to tear the boot from your foot or expel a blast of poisonous gas. The eyes of beasts seem always upon yo - more