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Tribality: Kickstarter: Gloomhaven 2nd Printing

Posted 26 Apr 2017: With only 5 days left, you need to check out this highly successful Kickstarter! This is the second printing of the game, and is planned to deliver in August of this year. This is the improved version of Gloomhaven with several new additions. Gloomha - more

Tribality: Dancing Monk Background

Posted 26 Apr 2017: Dancing Monk Background By: Jesse C Cohoon In this article Im not seeking to reinvent the wheel. A basic outline of what it takes to create a background but can be found here. This is my own take on background for D&D 5E, so Im playing a bit f - more

D&D | Kobold Press: Deep Magic: Dragon Magic Now Available

Posted 26 Apr 2017: Magic that Roils in Blood and Bone The dragons were among the first creatures to master all types of magic: controlling the elements, enchanting their lairs with innate defenses, and teaching their arts to their humanoid servants. Today, their kintr - more

Tribality: Unearthed Arcana: Feats for Races Breakdown

Posted 26 Apr 2017: The final UA article of the Great Content Rush of 17 is another collection of feats by Robert Schwalb and Jeremy Crawford, this time clustered around races each race of the Players Handbook has one or more feat options, and some feats are availab - more

Tribality: Heroes of the Darklands (PFRPG)

Posted 26 Apr 2017: The latest book from Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG, Heroes of the Darklands, is now available (on PDF Wednesday). This book provides new player options for adventures under the surface of Golarion in the Darklands (similar to D&D’s Underdark - more

Tribality: Unearthed Arcana Feats for Races

Posted 26 Apr 2017: The current flurry of articles comes to an end with Racial Feats. This week we get 4 pages of feats that all have racial prerequisites. I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to Brandes. Download the PDF | Read the Full Article We’re also - more

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Downtime Playtest

Posted 26 Apr 2017: A few weeks ago, they posted a new version of the downtime rules right here. I tried it out with my Planescape players and I figure we'll go over these rules and see what we think. You can get the original carousing rules right here.These rules don't - more

D&D Adventurers League Organizers: Hooks: The Sunless Citadel

Posted 26 Apr 2017:     Old Durnan stood behind the bar of the Yawning Portal, as he always did; it was commonly thought that the sardonic old man simply chose the drudgery of maintaining the day-to-day operations of the bar in order to save a few silver and n - more

The Tome Show: All About Fighters! (Tome 280)

Posted 26 Apr 2017: In this episode Jeff and Tracy sit down with Jonathan Nelson and Gazza Bishop to talk about Fighters! Why should you play a fighter? How can you spruce up your fighter? WHat background should you take? Why is the fighter the best class? Who are the c - more

Jade Gaming News: Zander the Halfling Thief

Posted 26 Apr 2017: After Chris' first 2nd ed Player Character Butters was killed by the Malbridge Thief's Guild, he pondered what he was going to do next. He considered being a Fighter, but out of nine party members, they already had fuve warriors, so instead he chose - more

D&D | Kobold Press: Dantes Angeology: Aasimar Guides

Posted 26 Apr 2017: Aasimar Guides If you’re patient and lucky, you my someday bear witness to celestial guides. Pure and wise, they assist characters of aasimar lineage in a hidden crusade against evil. Though their guidance is always an indirect one, based on dr - more

The Tome Show: Behind the DM Screen (March 2017)

Posted 26 Apr 2017: Caught up! Mike, Sam, and Jeff once again sit down to discuss their games - this time they talk about their sessions from March 2017.Links:Mike on TwitterSam on TwitterJeff on Twitter/p>how/a> - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Libris Monstrum #5: Rakshasa

Posted 26 Apr 2017: Not all of the classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters are strange aberrant creatures, nor are they simply demons, dragons, and the like. Some have stuck around and made a name for themselves after being pulled out of mythology. As with the first ent - more