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Tribality: Alternate Fey Courts

Posted 22 Jun 2017: A few conversations about my series on the fey reminded me that there were more articles I wanted to write, so this week Im taking a break from talking about the monk. D&D divides the fey into Summer and Winter Courts, which it may or may not c - more

Ultanya: Review: D&D Character Sheets

Posted 22 Jun 2017: So, this past weekend I decided to pick up new Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets. Even though I can print character sheets to my hearts content, it just seemed like a fun thing to do. Part of me was hoping to stir up old nostalgia, back when c - more

Tribality: Frontier 5e Campaign Setting Overview (Part 2)

Posted 22 Jun 2017: This week we have another guest post from Dale Easterling that looks at running a Wild West campaign for D&D 5e. Part 1 | Part 2 PREVIOUSLY In the first installment of this overview of my Old West 5e campaign setting, Frontier, I summarized - more

Spilled Ale Studios: 5e: Hacking the GameFallout, Part I

Posted 22 Jun 2017: Past versions of the d20 system that powers D&D 5e have proven up to the task of powering RPGs in all kinds of genres, thanks to the Open Gaming License. 5e now has its own OGL, which means it has the same potential. All manner of games based on - more

Tribality: Magic Item Special Features for Planescape Campaigns

Posted 22 Jun 2017: Some of my favorite things in the 5e DMG are the Special Features charts for magic items. They are cool ways to bring some personality to a magic item that might otherwise be uninteresting, but provides good functionally. A +1 weapon is never going t - more

The Tome Show: Mike Schley (Gamer to Gamer)

Posted 22 Jun 2017: In this episode Jeff sits down to chat with professional D&D cartographer and RPG artist Mike Schley about how he entered the hobby, what old people in art class talk about, and how he was introduced to the RPG hobby!Thanks to our Sponsor: Easy R - more

Jade Gaming News: Pakistani Canadair Sabres

Posted 22 Jun 2017: These two Pakistani Canadair Sabres are the only two planes that the Pakistanis have in the first mission of the Crisis in Kashmir Campaign from Check Your 6! Jet Age. That being said they are more then a match for the dated DeHavilland Vampires that - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 17 Ohad Zach

Posted 22 Jun 2017: I’m joined by Ohad Zach (ZachO), General Manager of Vicious Syndicate and writer of the weekly Data Reaper Report, which provides comprehensive statistical analysis for Hearthstone.He spoke about his fandom of Blizzard games and joining forces - more

Power Score: Planescape - Blood War XV. The Endless Maze

Posted 22 Jun 2017: I just put out the second adventure in my Litany of Arrows path, Warpath of Gruumsh. I put in a whole section of downtime adventures at the end that I think does a good job of simulating what I do in this campaign every week. For the adventure, I m - more

Tribality: Ways To Use Ships As A Dungeon Part 1

Posted 22 Jun 2017: Ships as dungeons is an interesting challenge because they are mobile, limited in size, and waterborne. Expanding some definitions, however, can lead to a variety of possibilities you may not have thought of. 1. Redefine What A Ship Is A ship doesn&# - more

Loot The Room: Monday Map Concord

Posted 22 Jun 2017: A map of Concord and the surrounding area - the setting for my upcoming free adventure Bulette Storm, made possible by the generosity of my patrons. - more

The Tome Show: Wilderland Adventures Review (Tome 283)

Posted 22 Jun 2017: In this episode, Jeff is joined by Louis Brinton and Jeremiah McCoy to discuss the newest Cubicle 7 Adventures in Middle Earth release: Wilderland Adventures!THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: EASY ROLLER ong>g>Louis Brinton on p>Louis Brinton webJeremiah McCoy - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: TMNT One Shot Ending!

Posted 22 Jun 2017: Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying Father’s Day, be you father, step father, father figure, single mom, or any other variation! I have for you the final episode in our TMNT arc. If you enjoy it leave us a comment or suggest another game - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Happy Fathers Day!!

Posted 22 Jun 2017: Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there playing RPGs! I just wanted to get a quick update post in this morning before I get to work on things. My weekend plans were not quite in the order I had expected them, so TMNT did not go up yester - more

www. Newbie DM .com: 5e monster conversion: Jungle Giant

Posted 22 Jun 2017: So I hear we are going to Chult this fall? Is that right? Well then, fellow DM’s, we’re going to need a Jungle Giant. No. Come on. Not that guy. Jungle Giants first appeared in 2e’s Al-Qadim Appendix for the Monstrous Compendium, an - more

Tribality: 5 Ways to Save Your Campaign from Summer Vacation

Posted 22 Jun 2017: This week on the Campaign Trail, I’m looking at vacations and how to make sure your campaign survives the summer months. Summer is awesome, but it can create challenges to running your scheduled campaign each week, month or whenever. I thought - more