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Posted Thursday 20 Jun 2019: I’m still working diligently on a couple of projects that aren’t quite ready for release just yet… but I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would drop a quick post with some of the DM tips and thoughts I tweeted in the - more

Master The Dungeon: One Simple Fix for Scheduling DnD

Posted Wednesday 19 Jun 2019: Scheduling DnD sessions can be a nightmare. This is one of the biggest complaints that Dungeon Masters have and easily one of the more regrettable. Even if you have a solid group of players who really want to spend time playing, making people’s - more

Rand Roll: Dungeon Map Generators Guide [Updated]

Posted Wednesday 19 Jun 2019: To enhance the Generators Guide to Dungeons I've taken a look at the map generators around.Map generators for Rooms and Corridors, Caverns, Mixed Caverns & Rooms, Maps with Descriptions and Pdf Options.[Updated, originally published April 2019]Ro - more

THOUGHT EATER: Humpday Blog-O-Rama 6.19.19

Posted Wednesday 19 Jun 2019: Blogs are an integral, vital part of the RPG hobby. They serve as incubators for new games, sounding boards for fresh ideas, and platforms for up-and-coming talent. They keep "forgotten" games alive, foster discussions, and build communities.Every We - more

Old School Role Playing: FDeck Fos Tomb Review

Posted Tuesday 18 Jun 2019: F’Deck Fo’s Tomb is a Judges Guild adventure from 1981. This was a period in time after TSR no longer allowed third parties to publish adventures for Dungeons and Dragons. This adventure is for a generic role playing game. But the stats p - more

D&D Duet: Identify: Inkarnate

Posted Tuesday 18 Jun 2019: Inkarnate is a web-based cartography toolset designed with users of all ability levels in mind. With Inkarnate, pros and amateurs can quickly and easily create beautiful looking maps of their fantasy worlds. - more

Master The Dungeon: Breathing in a Dungeon

Posted Tuesday 18 Jun 2019: While walking through the dungeon, the players come to a dip in their path. Holding the torch aloft, they can’t quite see how long the dip is, but it descends down before leveling out and continuing. As the group presses forward into the dip, t - more

Rand Roll: Tools of Legend - Of Mockery and Poetry

Posted Tuesday 18 Jun 2019: "Wait, wait, I just need to ask, what do you need us to put on your>"Just because no one can understand how you speak, Dontnecessarily mean that what you be sayin is deep."For insults and quotes look at the Art of Random War.The ToolT - more

RJD20: Building Better Battles 2

Posted Monday 17 Jun 2019: A wood elf assassin releases a bolt from his hand crossbow that flies across the misty void of the Astral Plane and plunges into the shoulder of an earth elemental. The shot creates a crack that dislodges a piece of rock from the elementals arm, giv - more

Dungeon Solvers: D&D Monster Monday: Kelpie

Posted Monday 17 Jun 2019: You gasp for air, but only water fills your lungs. The seaweed-like appendages of the kelpie coils around you even tighter. “I thought it was [...]The post D&D Monster Monday: Kelpie appeared first on Dungeon Solvers. - more

Sly Flourish: On Writing Adventures

Posted Monday 17 Jun 2019: I've recently been doing a lot of adventure writing, the results of which you can find in the Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot Kickstarter. As part of this project, I wanted to dig deep - more

Old School Role Playing: Fighters in Dungeons and Dragons

Posted Saturday 15 Jun 2019: Fighters in Dungeons and Dragons have been with the game since the very beginning. In the original game Fighting Men, Clerics and Magic Users were the only classes available. Other classes were introduced in the supplements to the game as they were d - more