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D&D Beyond: Paladin 101: Oath of the Ancients

Posted Friday 15 Nov 2019: It’s time to go beyond the Basic Rules. In this week’s Class 101, we examine the Oath of the Ancients, a sacred oath from the Player’s Handbook that wields sylvan power. - more

Old School Role Playing: JG 111 The Mines of Custalcon Review

Posted Thursday 14 Nov 2019: The Mines of Custalcon is an adventure from Judges Guild for Original Dungeons and Dragons. It is 52 pages long. This adventure is actually part of the Judges Guild Wilderness series. It is the first installment. It is written by Bryan Hinnen. There - more

D&D Beyond: Rick and Morty: Massive Burp Table

Posted Thursday 14 Nov 2019: In celebration of the new book, as well as Turkey Day, we present this d100 table of variations on burp noises that you can either use in game or, if you are a monster, at your real life dinner table. - more

Terminally Nerdy: TNs Indie Impressions Sparklite

Posted Thursday 14 Nov 2019: Full disclosure, I got a key for this from Evolved PR. Additionally, I had been waiting for Sparklite to come out since I saw early GIFs on it on /r/indiegaming. Sparklite is an Action RPG Roguelike created by Red Blue… - more

www. Newbie DM .com: 5e Eberron first look

Posted Thursday 14 Nov 2019: Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to provide a review copy of their newest release, “Eberron Rising from the Last War”, and I posted my first look at it on youtube and twitter. Check them out. Alright nerds. Ready to visit Eberron? Let - more

Nerdarchy: DMs Guild has Eberron Covered for the D&D Community

Posted Thursday 14 Nov 2019: In just a few days Eberron: Rising from the Last War releases and we’ve been abuzz around Nerdarchy HQ. We’re all excited for the unique, compelling campaign setting to get official fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons support. But there& - more

Nerdarchy: 5E D&D Worldbuilding for a Revolution Plot: Part 2

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: Salutations, nerds! Last week we talked about setting up for a revolution plot. We explored reasons your power hasnt been overthrown by revolutions already, and if all that is true, how to motivate your PCs to go ahead and overthrow … Read Mo - more

Rand Roll: Cyberpunk Generators Guide

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: Generators for Cyberpunk roleplaying games. The Cyberpunk roleplaying game, bladerunner, neuromancer, the Matrix, robocop are all examples of the genrePhoto by Steven Roe on UnsplashCyberpunk CharactersIt makes sense to start with cyberpunk nicknames - more

Nerdarchy: Expanding 5E D&D Ranger Spells Beyond Unearthed Arcana

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: Over on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted discussed 5 essential 5E D&D ranger spells for tier 1 characters. For a 1st-4th level ranger this means 1st level spells only, with two spells known beginning at 2nd level … R - more

Dungeon Solvers: The Basics of Ranged Combat in D&D 5e

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: A while ago I told an outright lie. I said that dual wielding was the coolest style of combat. Maybe that’s not a lie, but [...]The post The Basics of Ranged Combat in D&D 5e appeared first on Dungeon Solvers. - more

THOUGHT EATER: Humpday Blog-O-Rama 11.13.19

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: Blogs are an integral, vital part of the RPG hobby. They serve as incubators for new games, sounding boards for fresh ideas, and platforms for up-and-coming talent. They keep "forgotten" games alive, foster discussions, and build communities.Every We - more

Nerdarchy: How to Add Emotion and Depth with Fantastical Mounts

Posted Wednesday 13 Nov 2019: Come on, Herbie! Just a little more! Herbie unleashed a thunderous grunt, his six massive legs sinking into the soft, wet earth. Mud clumped his thick fur, the torrential rain mingling with his sweat as the gantuan struggled to pull … Read Mo - more

Power Score: Chaos Ships in the Nine Hells

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2019: We played some more of my version of Descent into Avernus on Sunday. When I was putting the session together, I had this feeling I knew how far we would get. My outline involved three things:Wrapping up things in Mordenkainen's g through the Nine He - more

Old School Role Playing: RA 726 Lich Lords Review

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2019: Lich Lords is an adventure from Mayfair Games written by Lynn Sellers. It was published in 1985. It is part of their “Role Aids” series of adventures and products. This is the first of the Mayfair Games adventures that I have reviewed. Th - more

Arcane Eye: Choosing the Right Music For Your Campaign

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2019: Image by: atomIIII /deviantart Playing music or ambient sounds can do a lot to enhance the immersiveness of your campaign, but it can also ruin an important moment. Imagine this. Your party has just finished a weary day on the road, narrowly escaping - more

D&D Duet: Circle of Balance

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2019: The Circle of Balance druidic subclass provides a fun and flexible alternative specifically designed for urban campaigns. It lends a martial slant to druids without relying on Wild Shape. You'll also find a fey pug druidic mentor/sidekick and a new - more

Nerdarchy: Bounty Hunting like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

Posted Tuesday 12 Nov 2019: If you’re like me and what I suspect are tens of thousands of other nerds, you fired up Disney+ today and watched episode one of The Mandalorian. And since you’re here I’m going to assume you’re also a fifth edition … Re - more