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The Tome Show: All About Bards! (Tome 277)

Posted 24 Mar 2017: In this episode, Jeff and Tracy sit down with Topher Kohan to discuss BARDS! What is so great about this class? WHo should play a bard? What are the best bard abilities? Who should avoid this class? What does the DM need to know about the class? And - more

Tribality: Five Strange, but True Facts to Inspire Your Game

Posted 24 Mar 2017: Every now and then, I run across something strangeand think, that cant possibly be true. I spend some time researching it, reading about it, and falling down a rabbit hole of various traditions to come to a conclusion about this surprising piece - more

The Tome Show: Behind the DM Screen (January 2017)

Posted 24 Mar 2017: We are almost caught up to the current month here in BtDMS-land! Mike, Sam, and Jeff are at it again - discussing their games from January 2017.Links:Mike on TwitterSam on TwitterJeff on Twitter/p>how/a> > - more

Tribality: Eleven Different Factions

Posted 24 Mar 2017: Factions are groups within a fictional universe that are vying for control. This control can be a thing of politics, religion, magic, or other ideology. Some factions tend to get along, while others seek to destroy one another. Some factions wish to - more

Power Score: Dungeons & Dragons - Wyrmsmere by Chris Perkins

Posted 24 Mar 2017: Wyrmsmere is an old 2nd edition Chris Perkins adventure from the Dragon Magazine Annual 1996. It is only 9 pages long and was very easy to prepare.I heavily modified it. As written, Wyrmsmere is about how a band of NPC adventurers has gone bad. I cha - more

Power Score: Planescape - Blood War IV. Sailing the River Styx

Posted 24 Mar 2017: I had read an article in an old issue of Dragon Magazine that detailed what sailing through the outer planes on the River Styx would be like. I really liked it, so I based tonight's session on it. I also worked in material from Wrath of the Righteous - more

Tribality: Unearthed Arcana: Wizard Revisited Breakdown

Posted 24 Mar 2017: After last weeks release of the third mystic iteration, and given that the week before that had one wizard subclass shoved into an article mostly on warlocks, I thought Unearthed Arcana might give this week a miss. I was, of course, mistaken! Today - more

Ultanya: Review: RPG Coasters 2, Cthulhu.

Posted 24 Mar 2017: Alexander Ingram has just launched his second RPG Coasters Kickstarter! The theme this time? Cthulhu. For the uninitiated, the name is pronounced in some circles as kuh-THOOL-hoo. Now be careful when saying that to loud, as it may awaken H.P. Lovecra - more

Tribality: Unearthed Arcana: Wizard Revisited

Posted 24 Mar 2017: This week’s Unearthed Arcana PDF gives us two new arcane traditions for the Wizard, Theurgy and War Magic. At 2 pages, it is much, much shorter than last week’s Mystic. This pass on Theurgy is an interesting blend of arcane magic and reli - more

A Walk in the Dark: D&D Beyond First Impressions

Posted 24 Mar 2017: So the day has come... D&D Beyond open beta has begun, so I decided to take a look. First off, I'm looking at this strictly as (1) a software developer and architect, and as (2) someone who would actually use this thing. Without any mention of po - more

The Tome Show: Behind the DM Screen (November 2016)

Posted 24 Mar 2017: The BtDMS-Extravaganza continues! In this episode, Sam, Jeff, and Mike talk about their campaigns from November 2016!Thanks to Open Gaming for sponsoring us this month! /p>>Links:Mike on TwitterSam on TwitterJeff on Twitter/p>how/a> - more

The Tome Show: Behind the DM Screen (October 2016)

Posted 24 Mar 2017: The BtDMS catch-up continues! Sam was unavailable this episdoe, so Jeff and Mike were joined by David Gibson! In this episode the guys talk about their games from October 2016!Links:David on TwitterMike on TwitterSam on TwitterJeff on Twitter/p>how/ - more

D&D | Kobold Press: Trapmaster: The Over-Under

Posted 24 Mar 2017: The Over-Under Mira sighed as she slathered on the last of the warding gel. The opening looked quite dusty, and the gel was certain to pick it up as she squeezed through. Getting her clothes clean afterward would prove a bother… No lock or han - more

Tribality: Creating Engaging Random Encounters

Posted 24 Mar 2017: Your group of adventurers are traveling from point A to point B. A random monster jumps out of the bushes! The Gamemaster (GM) rolled on a random table and you encounter a hungry owlbear who roars and attacks. You fight and defeat the monster and eve - more