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CROSS PLANES: 1,000 Faces: Auggie Dukain

Posted 23 Oct 2018: August "Auggie" >Male 5E Level 3 Light Domain Cleric of Lathanderl 3 ClericAbility n>Str 13    Dex 10    Con 12Int 13    Wis 16     Cha n>Traits:Well />Womanizeruggie is good to use as an ally who helps c - more

Dungeon Solvers: D&D Monster Monday: Kobold

Posted 23 Oct 2018: You carefully make your way down the dark tunnel – ever vigilant for a kobold ambush. As you traverse deeper and deeper with no sign of the cretins you begin to relax. That is until you foot is snapped-shut into a bear trap. You feel your bones - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 33 Steve Lubitz

Posted 23 Oct 2018: I’m joined this week by Steve Lubitz, host of the Off Curve podcast, a show about Hearthstone that Steve records while driving home from his job. He talked about the creation of Off Curve and how he has been a … Continue reading → - more

Welcome to RJD20: No One Is Omniscient

Posted 23 Oct 2018: Its Friday night. The Iskryn group has spent the past eight sessions on the hunt for a gnomish artifact, device, prison, or person. Every step of the way, the people theyve met and discussed this ancient gnomish thing with have had conflicting view - more

Rand Roll: Table Rolls -

Posted 23 Oct 2018: "Grimhold, New Grimhold, Grimhold Gate, Hound's Hold, Miri's Hold..."With place starts and ends, prefixes, suffixes and more it's time to unite them!A Table for Place Name...TablesWe've given fantasy names with several ways of joining them - more

The Tome Show: All About Monks! (Tome 306)

Posted 23 Oct 2018: In this episode Jeff sits down with Brandes Stoddard, Ishmael Alvarez, and Jon Green to discuss the monk class in 5th edition D&D.Thank you to our sponsers,Noble Knight GamesandDice EnvyBumper Music byAmy VorpahlLinks:Brandes Stoddard on Tw - more

Sly Flourish: Handling Tag-Along NPCs

Posted 23 Oct 2018: In the Dungeons & Dragons adventure Out of the Abyss, the party has the potential of grouping with a number of NPCs as they all attempt to escape from their captors in the depths of the underdark. - more

CROSS PLANES: The Black Hack: Basilisk & Cyborg

Posted 23 Oct 2018: I'm working on a Bestiary for The Black Hack, here are a couple of previews:Basilisk - HD 2                           div>Gaze - WIS (1 Nearby) 2 dmg   br ified! damaged by the ba - more

Spilled Ale Studios: 5e: The Explorer is now on DMsGuild!

Posted 23 Oct 2018: The Explorer is now available for purchase on DMsGuild! The Explorer. Cover Art Bartek Baszcze. Licensed for use. Conceived as a nonmagical rebuild of the Ranger, the Explorer has several advantages compared to the original class. The Explorer' - more

Rand Roll: Interview with Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny

Posted 23 Oct 2018: I make a thing which then makes things, some of which surprise me! I love it when my generators give me results that I wouldn't have come up with on my own. This interview is with Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny, home to many random generatorsGenerato - more

The Kind GM: Status Update: Im Alive

Posted 23 Oct 2018: Alive and kicking, to be precise. I’ve been away. That’s obvious, if you take a look at the date of my last post. There’s a really good reason behind that which I’m going to explain. I’ll be quick, though, because I don& - more

CROSS PLANES: New Release: The Class Hack Second Edition [UDATED]

Posted 23 Oct 2018: Hi all,I've updated my Class Hack, Race Hack, and Class Hack 2 to David Black's The Black Hack Second Edition. It's up for sale right now.Additionally, if YOU bought The Class Hack First Edition and you have given me permission to e-mail you on RPGNo - more

Terminally Nerdy: Kingdoms of Amalur: A Review

Posted 23 Oct 2018: There is a moment towards the end where I say the word 1; in regards to the game and I immediately realize I should not have. I apologize for that, and I am still working to unlearn a lot of… - more

The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 32 Danny Rupp

Posted 23 Oct 2018: I’m joined this week by Danny Rupp, co-founder of Critical Hits and a very active participant on social media discussing Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games. Danny talks about the origin of Critical Hits and how it gained increas - more