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Spilled Ale Studios: 5e: Hacking the GameFallout, Part VI

Posted 26 Jul 2017: Thanks for joining me again for the latest in a series of articles hacking D&D 5e for play in the Fallout setting! For a little while now we've been going through the large subject of equipment, and we've reached the half-way point. Last week we - more

Power Score: Dice, Camera, Action: Episode 57 - Curse of Strahd

Posted 26 Jul 2017: Episode 57: Wrath of StrahdBuy Storm Kings Thunder hereSeason Two Dice, Camera, Action Episode aAction/">Dice, Camera, Action on a The Reddit Dice, Camera, Action The Dice, Camera, Action Youtube l>Lots of preamble stuff.Animated Intro: You should - more

RPG MUSINGS: Swashing Buckles with Sand

Posted 26 Jul 2017: This is the third adventure module I am reading in my quest to explore desert/Egyptian themed items as I plan my next5th edition D&Dgame. Ive never run an Egyptian or wholly desert themed campaign before, so I have been looking for lots of ins - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Libris Monstrum #10: Oozes

Posted 26 Jul 2017: We have made it to the 10th installment of the Libris Monstrum! Thank you everyone for your comments and votes with regards to the various monsters, both discussed and left behind. As a reminder, the next 10 installments will feature a revisitation o - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Splinter One Shot Finale!

Posted 26 Jul 2017: Hey everyone I finally was able to get the finale for Splinter intro’d properly and upload it! Check it out and if you enjoyed Splinter and want to see more Indie Games tried out, let us know which ones in the comments below. And a big thanks t - more

CROSS PLANES: Index Card RPG: Cave Squig

Posted 26 Jul 2017: CAVE SQUIG for the Index Card RPG n>Rolls: +3 Dex, -2 Int1 Heartr />ATTACK - n Effort with their teeth.bsp;If a squig moves this round roll a d6, On a 1 they move forward to the left, on a 2 they move forward to the right, on a 3 - more

Jade Gaming News: Flint Get's a New Mini!

Posted 26 Jul 2017: Ever since his introduction in Hymns of a Vagabond Game 2, my now 5th Level 1st Ed AD&D Fighter Akelius Flint has gone through a handful of minis. From his humble beginnings, to the inexperienced warrior on the run, Flint has seen many changes in - more

Notes of the Wandering Alchemist: Quick Monday Update!

Posted 26 Jul 2017: We did it! In case you haven’t heard we have reached our first goal over on Patreon! This means that patrons will have two chances each month to win a set of dice. If you were waiting for a good time to get in on pledging, now is it just head o - more

Power Score: Adventures in Eberron - Strahd in the Shadowfell

Posted 26 Jul 2017: George's work schedule changed and Jessie has all of these Korean music concerts she's going to (she's going to see G. Dragon) so we've missed a few weeks. Hopefully we can work out a new time in a week or so.We did play some Eberron yesterday. I'm a - more

Tribality: How to Run a Circus in Your Game: Part 2

Posted 26 Jul 2017: (Authors note: Last time some of the commenters pointed out that they wanted to see a bit more of the how it should be ran. This article continues the thought process of the last article digging into some of the details the last article did not) L - more

RPG MUSINGS: Dont Breathe Too Deeply or We are Doomed

Posted 26 Jul 2017: As stated in mylast review, I am planning my next5th edition D&Dgame to be a desert-themed campaign with pyramids, tombs, mummies, etc. and have been reading Egyptian and desert themed products to prepare my campaign. Ive never run an Egyptia - more

D&D | Kobold Press: Khazzak Vagabond: A Background

Posted 26 Jul 2017: Khazzak Vagabond A nomad among wanderers, an outsider among exiles, yours is a storm-touched tale. The open sky and wind-brushed tundra were blanket and bed to you, the thunder of hoof beats, a lullaby. To you, civilization was wind-snapped yurts a - more

CROSS PLANES: D&D 5th Edition: Training

Posted 26 Jul 2017: I was reading a thread on RPG.Net about DnD 5th Edition House Rules and I noticed that one I've been using for awhile wasn't listed. So, I've decided to share it here. I don't assume it's groundbreaking, but it's one I like.My House Rule is thus:I wi - more

Spilled Ale Studios: An Isometric Map

Posted 26 Jul 2017: While writing my recently published adventure, Ashes of Evensong, I was a little frustrated by the fact I didn't have a map tailor-made for the Temple of Vigilance featured in the adventure. I found a decent map on DM's Guild which fit my purposes, b - more

Power Score: D&D Beyond

Posted 26 Jul 2017: I've been meaning to check this out for a long time. It is D&D Beyond, an online D&D program where you can make characters, look up stuff and make monsters, spells and magic items. One of the guys who works here was one of the only survivors - more

CROSS PLANES: 13th Age: Impundulu

Posted 26 Jul 2017: The Impundulu or Lightning Bird is no ordinary bird. Stories of this monster, which grows to the size of a human, can be found in Pondo, Zulu, and Xhosa folklore. It can apparently summon lightning and storms, hence the name. The bird is allegedly a - more

RPG MUSINGS: Traps, Mummies, Scarabs, & Tattered Undergarments

Posted 26 Jul 2017: I am planning my next5th edition D&Dgame to be a desert-themed campaign with pyramids, tombs, mummies, etc. and have been reading Egyptian and desert themed products to prepare my campaign. Ive never run an Egyptian or wholly desert themed cam - more