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The Id DM: Ego Check with The Id DM Episode 50 Jim Zub

Posted Tuesday 16 Jul 2019: Jim Zub, writer and creator, joins me this week on Ego Check with The Id DM to talk about the Young Adventurer’s Guides for Dungeons & Dragons. The first two books in the series, Warriors & Weapons and Monsters & … Continue re - more

Dungeon Solvers: D&D Monster Monday: Girallon

Posted Monday 15 Jul 2019: Bowling was a frequent choice for birthday parties when I was growing up. However, it wasn’t the bowling that I was excited for. It was [...]The post D&D Monster Monday: Girallon appeared first on Dungeon Solvers. - more

Throat Punch Games: Daily Punch 7-11-19 Sadist feat for DnD 5e

Posted Sunday 14 Jul 2019: Welp if we’re going to do one side of the book of vile darkness, let’s hit the other. Sadist Youve gotten used to bearing your enemies into submission, and now it’s pretty thrilling. When you do damage to a foe equal to your level, - more

Throat Punch Games: Daily Punch 7-10-19 Masochist feat for DnD 5e

Posted Sunday 14 Jul 2019: I just started watching Kono Suba, and Darkness is one of the most interesting characters in this crazy anime. It reminded the Book of Vile Darkness. Let’s build on these idea. Masochist Youve been beaten down a lot by life, and its something - more

Old School Role Playing: Tricks in Dungeons and Dragons

Posted Saturday 13 Jul 2019: Tricks in Dungeons and Dragons have existed from the very beginning. But the first time, I believe, that they were ever really discussed directly was in the 1st Edition Dungeon Master Guide on page 216. The Dungeon Masters Guide really does not defin - more

Master The Dungeon: Food and DnD

Posted Friday 12 Jul 2019: Food is so much more than just sustenance. It can describe a person’s whole life. Eating the food of your culture, whether it’s the culture you grew up with or the culture you adopted, informs people of your life’s history. By using - more

Rand Roll: Interview with John of Red Dice Diaries

Posted Friday 12 Jul 2019: "For me the most fun thing is thinking of a theme for the table andthen reading lots of stuff to get ideas for the entries"The creative of the day is John of Red Dice DiariesQ&A with John of Red Dice DiariesHow did you get into creating - more

Master The Dungeon: How To Make a Patron for a DnD Warlock

Posted Thursday 11 Jul 2019: Patrons and Warlocks, Warlocks and Patrons. The two are intrinsically tied together in 5e DnD. But patrons themselves are a mysterious part of the game. While the rules do paint in the general brush strokes of what patrons are and how they provide wa - more

Terminally Nerdy: Support is a Verb A Very Personal Post

Posted Thursday 11 Jul 2019: Today I am going to be writing something a quite personal really. Its been a little over 6 months since January 2019, when I announced my intentions to move back towards video games and general “nerdy” content and away from… - more