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Edgerunning Redux: A Cyberpunk RED Review

POCGamer – Wed, 04 October, 05:13 AM

Cyberpunk is more than just a genre or aesthetic. It’s a classic tabletop RPG that’s seen an unprecedented revival in recent years. Published R. Talsorian [...] The post Edgerunning Redux: A Cyberpunk RED Review appeared first on POCGamer.... read more.

Working on the Map Supports

POCGamer – Wed, 04 October, 04:13 AM

To view this content, you must be a member of POCGamer's Patreon at $1 or more - Click "Read more" to unlock this content at [...] The post Working on the Map Supports appeared first on POCGamer.... read more.

Engaging with Beasts in D&D 5e: A Close Look into Nerdarchy’s Insightful Guide

Nerdarchy – Wed, 04 October, 01:14 AM

Dive into a realm where beasts roam with their majestic, sometimes fearsome, presences; a domain where wizards may prefer the simple life of an otter but still threaten with a deadly fireball. Nerdarchy, through their guide to D&D Monsters, introduces us to an intricate view...... read more.

Felltower issues to resolve - language costs

Dungeon Fantastic – Wed, 04 October, 01:05 AM

I think I've settled on how I want to do language costs for Felltower: I'm planning on Option 2: 1 point Broken 2 points Accented 3 points Fluent Written rolled into spoken. One exception: the Elder Tongue is still broken into spoken and written. It's a gateway to a lot of valuable setting infor... read more.

Planescape: Here Are The Disclaimers!

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 03 October, 03:48 PM

Every D&D book these days has an amusing 'disclaimer' at the front, and the new Planescape slipcase set is no exception. Thanks to Veltharis ap Rylix for sharing these. Sigil and the Outlands DISCLAIMER: THE FACTIONS OF THE CITY OF DOORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH AC... read more.

Some Brief Thoughts On… itch.io

Azukail Games – Tue, 03 October, 03:08 PM

This video takes a brief look at itch.io, one of the sites publishers and designers can sell their games through. Itch.io takes a smaller percentage of the gross than other sites, yet is this really as good as it looks? There are advantages and disadvantages on selling on itch.io, but it’s still wor... read more.

Dark Souls x 5E: Ebonwrath’s Lair

Kobold Press – Tue, 03 October, 02:00 PM

As we skip to the end of this series, we come to the final battle, a capstone clash with the campaign’s titular boss monster, Ebonwrath, Master of Souls. Love this idea? Catch up on the rest of this series! Having hoarded the souls of both minions and prey, the adult black dragon has subverted h... read more.

Creating a Darklord - Homebrew

The GM Is Always Right - Dump Stat Adventures – Tue, 03 October, 01:00 PM

It’s the best month of the year—Halloween! Or October if you prefer the calendar version of the month. For the month, we are sticking to the spooky and terrifying—with maybe a dash of Pumpkin Spice to top it all off! First off, we are looking at creating Darklords!Darklords of RavenloftA Darklord is... read more.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Old-School Shootin’: A Review of Dead in the West

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 03 October, 12:30 PM

Dead in the West is grounded in the traditions of John Ford-esque westerns.... read more.

Meet Varskyle, Dragonborn Marshal

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 03 October, 08:36 AM

With the Kickstarter stretch goals falling like bowling pins, it’s time to meet the next one: Varskyle, the dragonborn marshal!... read more.

Rate Your Cult Factor

Elfmaids & Octopi – Tue, 03 October, 05:15 AM

A countdown mechanism for my current Patreon sf adventure and my campaign. But this mechanic and form could be used for a few styles of game genres and doesn't care about your system.Table one is a list of events you can trigger once and tick offHigher in the list events are harder to achieve vs ear... read more.

Let’s Roll and Ride: Mixing Motorcycles and Magic in Our Latest D&D Campaign!

Nerdarchy – Tue, 03 October, 12:35 AM

Hey fellow adventurers, grab your leather jackets and helmets because we’re about to dive deep into a world where revving engines and magical spells coexist! Imagine zooming through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with your biker gang, ready to face whatever chaos lies ahead. Our recent Dungeons...... read more.

Game Inspiration: The Misenchanted Sword

Dungeon Fantastic – Tue, 03 October, 12:34 AM

Thinking more on cursed and semi-cursed magic items, here is one book I found inspirational: The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evens The plot is pretty much soldier stumbled across a hermit, who enchants him a magical sword that makes him unbeatable in combat. It has some downsides - he ca... read more.

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