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Daily TTRPG Blog Posts – Sunday, 12 November 2023

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Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for November 12, 2023

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sun, 12 November, 04:02 AM

DnD, Pathfinder, Traveller, OSR, Coyote and Crow, DCC, Kobold Press, and more!... read more.

Game tomorrow!

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 11 November, 11:50 PM

Tomorrow we continue the delve in Felltower started almost two weeks ago. To save my sanity, I'm not going to split-session the delve; that is, the PCs can't finish the fight, run back to town, sell/spend/recoup, and then come back. We've done that before and, on reflection, it's the worst of both ... read more.

Storytime as Moons Rise – a short story

Full Moon Storytelling – Sat, 11 November, 10:06 PM

Sweat dripping from my brow, I head back towards home. Dinodas bounds towards me, shifting to walk on the customary left side as we stroll. My hand reaches up to scratch that comfortable spot behind his ear. It’s an instinctive move now, for both of us. We’re kin for many years now, this massive hou... read more.

Podcast #274: RPG Community Management and Moderation

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 11 November, 09:52 PM

Morrus and Jessica talk about managing and moderating an online RPG community... read more.

100 Books for a Cyberpunk Setting, A Dekas of Alchemical Items VII (5E) and 20 Magic Consumables Now Available

Azukail Games – Sat, 11 November, 04:24 PM

100 Books for a Cyberpunk Setting, A Dekas of Alchemical Items VII (5E) and 20 Magic Consumables are now available to buy on DriveThruRPG. Even in a futuristic setting, books, whether digital or physical, still exist, and 100 Books for a Cyberpunk Setting has 100 such on a variety of subjects to fle... read more.

Chekovs Hooks III: Loose Ends from Written Modules

Seed of Worlds – Sat, 11 November, 01:26 PM

tl;dr: a 'rumours as campaign glue' treatment for an open table running published adventures (Brancalonia core book + Jinx Almanac). I wrote previous about refreshing the hooks for a quasi west-march open table where multiple groups leave a lot of open items based on sweeping up hooks after a year ... read more.

Zombies for Cairn/Block, Dodge, Parry

Dice Goblin – Sat, 11 November, 10:04 AM

Block, Dodge, Parry does not have a bestiary – yet. This is mostly because I find the monsters detailed in Cairn more than sufficient. However, I was recently contemplating an undead-outbreak-focused campaign, which would put a lot of focus on the lowly Zombie. How would I ‘adapt’ the zombie to be a... read more.

Links & Thoughts for 11/10/2023

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 11 November, 01:08 AM

End of the week links! - Place names are weirder in England than in the US, it seems. We just have lots of places named for people and Native American words, and the occasional "New" with something after it. - An example of play with The Last Gasp. Looks interesting but it's a system that isn't f... read more.

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