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Next Game set & Ruling from Last Session

Dungeon Fantastic – Wed, 15 November, 01:49 AM

Looks like our next game of Felltower will be Friday, November 24th. The plan is a short session to finish the fight and then - hopefully - they'll finally go back to town. One ruling of note from last game: - Does a foe with Loyalty on them still count as a foe for cost multiplication purposes?... read more.

Peter Ward & Alexis Rockman's Monsters I Want to Fight - The Zeppelinoids

DIY & dragons – Tue, 14 November, 09:57 PM

The last time I talked about the book Future Evolution, I mentioned that author Peter Ward and illustrator Alexis Rockman mostly did not engage in the kind of biological speculation that the title of their book seems to imply.  But there is one exception, when Ward asks what could possibly come afte... read more.

The Bard, an intro adventure, and two playtest campaigns: 13th Age 2E progress

Rob Heinsoo – Tue, 14 November, 09:26 PM

It has been a busy month! Kin powers on the Pelgrane website: I’ve been running some of the new kin powers on the Pelgrane Press website. These are powers that may change in the design process. They’re not guaranteed to be what shows up in the Beta packet, but they’re what we’re using now. Humans a... read more.

13th Age 2E: Kin Powers for the Silver Folk

Pelgrane Press Ltd – Tue, 14 November, 08:45 PM

(art by McConnell & Moyer) Each of the common kin have at least three kin powers in 13th Age 2E. Our third preview of kin powers from the in-progress Beta playtest packet is for the elves who call themselves the silver folk, known as drow by their enemies. (You can find the human kin powers here a... read more.

Dweller of the Forbidden City – Tue, 14 November, 07:58 PM

Building Bhakashal – Overland Travel – The CaravanI see a lot of posts on social media suggesting that many DMs fast forward travel, and that it is a distraction from the game. I disagree. My Wednesday group is currently travelling overland with a caravan, and it’s an opportunity to review this kind... read more.

d100 - Magical Robes & Raiment

d4 Caltrops – Tue, 14 November, 06:36 PM

Time to polish off another Magic Item Post! These are always really fun to produce and this time we’re focusing a little bit more on remarkable robes and other grand garments. While some might be more useful to a particular Character Type or Class, the form they can take is always adjustable should... read more.

Alexandrian Auxiliary: Heath’s Geekverse Double Feature

The Alexandrian – Tue, 14 November, 04:50 PM

So You Want To Be a Game Master was a double feature on Heath’s Geekverse. First up, Heath dived into the book, giving an extensive sneak peek between the covers, on the Morning Grind. Then, later in the evening, I joined him for a session of Table Talk, where we took questions from viewers. We ruf... read more.

100 Sluagh for Changeling: the Dreaming PDF Preview

Azukail Games – Tue, 14 November, 04:09 PM

A new video has been published on YouTube that previews the first few pages of 100 Sluagh for Changeling: the Dreaming. The post 100 Sluagh for Changeling: the Dreaming PDF Preview first appeared on Azukail Games.... read more.

🎲 Unleashing the Wild Side of Tabletop RPGs: Zoo Mafia RPG Hits Kickstarter! 🐾

Nerdarchy – Tue, 14 November, 03:00 PM

📣 Big News, RPG Lovers! Hey, TTRPG family! 🎉 We’re super excited (and a bit giddy, to be honest) to announce that our very own creation, Zoo Mafia RPG, is now live on Kickstarter! 🥳 Zoo Mafia RPG Kickstarter TRAILER 🐅 Welcome to Our Zoo...... read more.

Planar Adventures 5: Extraplanar Entities

Kobold Press – Tue, 14 November, 03:00 PM

Some adventurers want to right wrongs and protect the innocent. Others seek to explore lost tombs and see sights hidden for centuries. Others still seek to gather forbidden knowledge. The one thing all adventurers can agree on, however: everyone likes to get new magic items. The more distinct th... read more.

5 Reasons Why Railroading Is Good

The GM Is Always Right - Dump Stat Adventures – Tue, 14 November, 02:00 PM

We’ve all seen discussions online about how to run an adventure, and you’ll get tons of advice that you shouldn’t railroad your players, that you shouldn’t have an adventure on rails, that you need to let the players explore, and have a big sandbox — but maybe you should have rails.What is Railroadi... read more.

Raised on DnD

DONJON LANDS – Tue, 14 November, 01:51 PM

Interviewed for the Raised on DnD podcast, I talk with Nick Cardarelli about old-school editions of D&D, a little about how they differ from newer editions, but mostly about how I love all the editions and how D&D is good for us. Click the image to listen on Spotify. Raised on DnD podcast helps en... read more.

A Look at the New Deck of Many Things

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 14 November, 01:30 PM

The magical item, The Deck of Many Things, has a long history within D&D, first created for the Greyhawk setting and then appearing in every edition of the game in some fashion, either among magic items in the DMG or as part of various adventures. The new Deck of Many Things product set for 5E doesn... read more.

Ask the Alexandrian #11: Taking a Break

The Alexandrian – Tue, 14 November, 01:00 PM

M. writes: With everything going on in Israel and Gaza, I’m struggling with my game. I know too many people who have been affected by the war. The idea of running fantasy raids and having monsters kidnap villagers and innocent people being threatened by dragon fire just isn’t fun right now. I’ve be... read more.

Effortless & Dynamic Storytelling

Roleplaying Tips – Tue, 14 November, 03:14 AM

Effortless & Dynamic Storytelling Among the many tools in my GM Toolbox, the method of Wandering Encounters holds a special place. It’s a simple yet profound way to keep the game world lively, the plot on track, and the characters engaged in evolving story arcs. The core essence of Wandering Encount... read more.

d100 Things I Had To Do Growing up a Dwarf

Elfmaids & Octopi – Tue, 14 November, 03:07 AM

This is a revival of an old d100 serieshttps://elfmaidsandoctopi.blogspot.com/2018/06/d100-things-my-master-did-to-me-at.htmlhttps://elfmaidsandoctopi.blogspot.com/2018/06/d100-things-my-master-did-to-me-at_27.htmlhttps://elfmaidsandoctopi.blogspot.com/2018/06/d100-things-that-happened-growing-up-in... read more.

Miserth Keep – Dungeons

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Tue, 14 November, 12:30 AM

Miserth Keep – Dungeons (300 dpi promo, no commercial license) The dungeons beneath Miserth Keep purposefully do not link to the keep proper, instead linking to the gatehouse – this is still not the most secure option, but because of the cliffside entrance/exit, this was a decision made to prevent ... read more.

Localescorts – Street hookers, escorts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs

Tribality – Tue, 14 November, 12:00 AM

We would not recommend searching for cheap hookers in your town. Despite the risks, there are still people who partake in these activities. It is important to remember that prostitution is illegal in many places and could put you at risk of criminal or civil prosecution. If you do decide to engage i... read more.

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