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Daily TTRPG Blog Posts – Sunday, 19 November 2023

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Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for November 19, 2023

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sun, 19 November, 03:53 AM

D&D, Pathfinder, Star Trek Adventures, Mork Borg, Savage Worlds, Traveller, OSR and more!... read more.

D&D goes F.A.S.T.

Merric's Musings – Sun, 19 November, 02:12 AM

One of the odder launches occurred this week: Dungeons & Dragons now has its own dedicated streaming channel. Except almost everything you’d assume about the service is wrong. Just at the moment, it is showing three original shows – “Encounter Party”, “Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!”, and “Heroe... read more.

Addendum to the DF Felltower Explosive Missile Spells FAQ

Dungeon Fantastic – Sun, 19 November, 01:31 AM

I've added this to my explosive spells FAQ: - While full cover does block an explosive spell, it has to be strong enough to resist the spell (sliding paper doors, for example, wouldn't help much), otherwise it merely acts as DR. A target's body doesn't provide cover unless it completely covers the ... read more.

d100 - Wondrous Wands & Ensorcelled Staffs

d4 Caltrops – Sat, 18 November, 07:19 PM

When it comes to Wands and Staffs, I have always preferred the ones that are a bit more unique than just the standard “single purpose” Spell-Slot-Saver. Like most Magical Things, I love it when they have a little bit of Lore or Background associated with them and tend to tailor their Powers and Abi... read more.

100 Effects of a Primquake, 100 Columns and Pillars to Find in a Dungeon (C&C) and 100 Hooks and Rumours for Fading Suns II Now Available

Azukail Games – Sat, 18 November, 04:29 PM

100 Effects of a Primquake, 100 Columns and Pillars to Find in a Dungeon (C&C) and 100 Hooks and Rumours for Fading Suns II are now available to buy on DriveThruRPG. When the Prim touches Sundara, it has an effect on the realm, often a major one, and 100 Effects of a Primquake has 100 … Continue rea... read more.

Make the Underland Kinky Again 2: Svartheim Encounters

Elfmaids & Octopi – Sat, 18 November, 02:02 PM

Underland Encounters for the dark elf city of Svartheim. These are common encounters but city districts have their own encounters and character.Will be a carousing table and maybe a d100 shops or an A-ZObviously not for innocent adventurers who best go home.d12 Common Svartheim Street Vendors1 Spice... read more.

Hull Breach Fills A Hole Full Of Content For Mothership

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 18 November, 11:58 AM

A great collection of space horror inspiration that can fit into any campaign.... read more.

Podcast #275: Merchandise in RPGs

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 18 November, 11:01 AM

Morrus, Peter, and Jessica discuss merchandise in TTRPGs.... read more.

Campaign Retrospective: Southern Reaches

Seed of Worlds – Sat, 18 November, 08:41 AM

An open table sort-of-West Marches game has stalled out so let us do a retrospective Against the Wicked City style to see what we can learn and decide if it is worth reviving. Previous retrospectives were done on campaigns of yore and recently a Spelljammer Academy mini-campaign. Southern Reaches,... read more.

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