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Random Links for 3/29/2024

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 30 March, 12:17 AM

And I'm back. - I got what might be an AI comment on my blog. Or maybe not. It's actually well written comment that reflects the contents of the post well, and expresses an opinion on it that makes sense in a way spam comments don't . . . except the profile of the commenter is a sales redirect. Wei... read more.

Armello: The Board Game

Rob Heinsoo – Fri, 29 March, 11:31 PM

It’s March 29, 2024, and I’m in the kinda unique position of reporting that a game I had a blast designing has already made a treasure-trove on Kickstarter and still has about a week to roll. It’s Armello: The Board Game, a deckbuilding adventure board game of furry animal heroes with swords que... read more.

Playtesting: the Serpentine (Non-Human Heroes) in Swords of the Serpentine

Pelgrane Press Ltd – Fri, 29 March, 08:10 PM

By Kevin Kulp This is the eighth in our series on non-human heroes which has so far covered the spider-like Arakene, the Considerata (humans whose souls are contractually linked to gods), Constructs, the fungal Drowned, fey Hidden Folk, Intelligent Animals, and Unsleeping Advisors (secret undead). T... read more.

D&D Ideas: Homebrew

Nerdarchy – Fri, 29 March, 05:31 PM

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! This week, we wander through the topic of Homebrew during our live chat. Join us every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. EST on Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel as we discuss D&D, RPGs, gaming, life, and an array of other nerdy topics. Kickstarter...... read more.

Speaking of Sundara: The Fantastical Mundane

Azukail Games – Fri, 29 March, 03:58 PM

In this video, Neal Litherland looks at the fantastical mundane in the Sundara setting. The post Speaking of Sundara: The Fantastical Mundane first appeared on Azukail Games.... read more.

Graxworm – Map 3 – West Eye Temple

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Fri, 29 March, 02:43 PM

The Graxworm is a massive dead dragon of mythic scale, fully miles long and large enough to contain a town in the mouth. Creatures have set up here to “mine” the massive corpse for its valuable materials – leather, scales, ichor, tendons, and more. Practically every bit has some value to someone, an... read more.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: A Rhode Island Level of Excitement

Pelgrane Press Ltd – Fri, 29 March, 02:40 PM

In the latest episode of their fully cephalic podcast, Ken and Robin talk adjusting for self-sidelining player choices, the spy-laden Lake Maggiore boat accident, antiquity’s headless humanoids, and the Dorr Rebellion.... read more.

Random GM Tip: What Are You Looking For?

The Alexandrian – Fri, 29 March, 02:19 PM

Player: So in Dweredell the Guild is like a local trade organization, right? GM: That’s right. It’s ruled by a number of powerful merchant families and it’s official function is to maintain commercial standards and regulate all matters of craft or trade. But in practice it’s more like a protection ... read more.

Dryad lineage and heritages for the Tales of the Valiant RPG

Kobold Press – Fri, 29 March, 02:00 PM

When the Tales of the Valiant Player’s Guide debuts in just a few months, it will contain the classic fantasy people for player characters: elves, dwarves, humans . . . the usual suspects. But over the past few years, other lineages have shown up in fantasy that delight and appeal to certain pla... read more.

Free 'Descent into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth' Adventure on D&D Beyond

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Fri, 29 March, 01:04 PM

Abridged version of the full adventure, which appears in Quests from the Infinite Staircase.... read more.

Deep Dive - One-Shot Wonders II

No INT here - Dump Stat Adventures – Fri, 29 March, 01:00 PM

It's time for more one-shot wonders! This time, we're exploring creatures from only the 3rd edition’s Monster Manual III (2004). With over 3,500 monsters in this edition, it's easy to find a few single-edition monsters, though compare that to 2nd edition’s more than 4,200 monsters while 5th edition ... read more.

The Shreev Comes to Thono Inn

From the Sorcerer's Skull – Fri, 29 March, 11:00 AM

Our Gnydrion game in Grok?! continued last Sunday. The party:Antor Hogus (Paul) - Vagabond. Reckless.Jerfus Grek (Jason) - A vagabond as well, but more measured.Nortin Tauss (Aaron) - Dabbler in the arcane. This time, he dabbles!Yzma Vekna (Andrea) - Scruffy teamster with a blunderbuss and a willing... read more.

Planning By Mad Libs

Gnome Stew – Fri, 29 March, 10:00 AM

Planning in RPGs has always been a problem. On one hand, it’s often necessary for a group of players to plan out something their characters are trying to accomplish. On the other, most groups are not adept at planning, and even if they were, the activity is never that exciting at the table – worse i... read more.

MoN 056: Deep in the Great Sandy Wastes

The Gameatory – Fri, 29 March, 08:22 AM

With the group reunited in Cuncudgeriue, the investigators planned their next move. It seemed that another expedition into the Great Sandy Desert was in the offing—and this time, the group knew where they were going and what they were looking for! Success was assured.However, before the expedition c... read more.

The Glatisant: Issue #49

The Glatisant: A Questing Beast Newsletter – Fri, 29 March, 01:36 AM

Welcome to The Glatisant, Questing Beast’s monthly newsletter. You can read previous issues here. Subscribe for free to get new issues in your inbox, or support the newsletter on Patreon (patrons get access to the secret Questing Beast discord channel).Subscribe nowSalesHumble Bundle has four RPG sa... read more.

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