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Do Levels equal social rank or fame?

Elfmaids & Octopi – Sun, 31 March, 04:53 AM

Ive had a few discussions of late about how common people with levels are, do aristocats require high levels? How well known is an adventurer?So in the Worlds of Elfmaids & Octopi levels are not commonplace. Most humans are zero level with a d4 or d6 HP for the fighty ones and would find kobolds, go... read more.

Storm King’s Thunder – Part 4B: The Path to Hekaton

The Alexandrian – Sun, 31 March, 04:46 AM

Go to Table of Contents To clearly see how the PCs can rescue Hekaton, we need a few key insights. First, finding Hekaton is not the end of the campaign. For the reasons we’ve previously discussed, and which we’ll take an in-depth look at in Part 5, Hekaton’s disappearance is not the reason the Ord... read more.

Mapping Lessons from Ancient Ruins

Dungeon Fantastic – Sun, 31 March, 12:49 AM

I toured around Pompeii on my trip to Italy. Naturally, noted a lot of things from a mapping perspective. - rooms are pretty small. A lot of the rooms in buildings - and solo residences - were not much bigger than 10 x 10 or 15 x 20-ish. Not a lot of the giant rooms I like to stick in dungeons. - ... read more.

How To Run An Epic Gladiatorial Adventure

Hipsters & Dragons – Sat, 30 March, 11:38 PM

The other day I saw that Sly Flourish answered a question on his RPG talk show about running gladiatorial arenas in D&D. Given that I dedicated 1.5 years of my life writing an epic 300-page arena adventure, I figured this is probably a topic I should also address on my own media! Especially since wr... read more.

Time spent running and playing editions of D&D

Seed of Worlds – Sat, 30 March, 04:37 PM

A curious thought came to me - how much of each edition have I played? It feels like I have been playing a lot of 5e recently - have I in the grand scheme of things? Starting off my time was split with different campaigns more or less being different systems - the three big starting ones where Worl... read more.

d66 Curious Magical Chests, 100 Hooks and Rumours for the City of Dolmvay III and D66 Ogres for the Forbidden Lands Now Available

Azukail Games – Sat, 30 March, 04:34 PM

d66 Curious Magical Chests, 100 Hooks and Rumours for the City of Dolmvay III and D66 Ogres for the Forbidden Lands are now available to buy on DriveThruRPG. Chests do not have to be just what treasure is found in, they can be treasure in and of themselves, and d66 Curious Magical Chests has 356 … C... read more.

Marvel 1952

Elfmaids & Octopi – Sat, 30 March, 04:07 PM

Managed a long game of dudes playing my retro super hero games where we hop years at least monthly.Starring:Dr Kronos the time travelling scientist called the team together and even more heroes arrived at the meeting spot in Civies than expected. Recently battled the Rogue Vatican time traveller and... read more.

Into The Wyrd And Wild Makes The Woods Weird

EN World Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 30 March, 12:43 PM

Inject some grim OSR style wilderness mechanics into your favorite fantasy game.... read more.

Random Links for 3/29/2024

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 30 March, 12:17 AM

And I'm back. - I got what might be an AI comment on my blog. Or maybe not. It's actually well written comment that reflects the contents of the post well, and expresses an opinion on it that makes sense in a way spam comments don't . . . except the profile of the commenter is a sales redirect. Wei... read more.

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