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13th Age Interview List, Annotated, with a Bit of 4E

Rob Heinsoo – Wed, 05 June, 04:50 AM

Blue Dragon in Battle, 2E art by Simone Bannach The interview list comes first. At the end there's a note about this weekend's 4E interview and streaming game on the GenCon channel! I’ve been busy with interviews the past few weeks. Mostly about 13th Age, often about the 2E Kickstarter that’s... read more.

Settlers of the wastes 2: Order & Defence

Elfmaids & Octopi – Wed, 05 June, 04:29 AM

roll d4 times each settlementd20 Settlers Defences1 Wall of rubble and garbage2 Defensive trenches and sandbags3 Pit of wooden steaks4 Barbed wire6 Log palisade wall7 Watchtower8 Alarm bell9 Underground shelter10 Escape tunnel11 Flooded moat full of mud and slime12 Dogs or geese or other living alar... read more.

The battle for RPG discovery will happen at Friendly Local Games Stores

Rascal News – Tue, 04 June, 10:00 PM

I’ve been to Rochester many times, but last week I made a visit to a store that some of you might recognize: Millennium Games. Tucked away in a strip mall off a couple major roads, this is the “world’s largest game store,” at least according to its trademarked bumper stickers. Now, while I can neith... read more.

Mazes City of Skull campaign

Rascal News – Tue, 04 June, 07:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. City of Skull is a unique campaign setting and West Marches hex crawler adventure path for Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying, crowdfunding on BackerKit June 4, 2024. Go to the campaign: https://www.backerkit.com/c/projects/9th-level/mazes-city-of-skull City of Sk... read more.

Roll20 Announces Acquisition of Demiplane

Rascal News – Tue, 04 June, 05:30 PM

This is a community submitted press release.  Roll20, the online home for tabletop roleplaying games, today announced its acquisition of Demiplane, the best-in-class digital character management solution. Demiplane joins a growing suite of system-agnostic TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game)  offerings... read more.

TTRPGs for Palestine via itch charity bundle launches

Rascal News – Tue, 04 June, 04:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. In response to the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Jesthehuman is hosting a TTRPG charity bundle alongside 354 creators to support Medical Aid for Palestinians who work for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. The... read more.

Slaying Monsters Should Be Mostly Fun and Games

GROGNARDIA – Tue, 04 June, 04:00 PM

... read more.

More Dragon Quest monsters for your 5E games!

Kobold Press – Tue, 04 June, 03:49 PM

Art by Akira Toriyama Anyone who’s played a video game RPG in the past decade has likely heard of the Dragon Quest series (or Dragon Warrior as it was formerly known). It’s been going strong since the late 1980s and many of its monsters—brought to life by renowned artist Akira Toriyama—have becom... read more.

New Monster Manual Cover

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 04 June, 03:29 PM

The 2025 Monster Manual cover has been unveiled!... read more.

Stages of Drawing Map – Village 21

Azukail Games – Tue, 04 June, 03:15 PM

A brief video showing the stages of drawing Map – Village 21. The post Stages of Drawing Map – Village 21 first appeared on Azukail Games.... read more.

Just Launched: Voidrunner's Codex Sci-Fi Box Set For D&D 5E & Level Up: A5E

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 04 June, 02:58 PM

Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this boxed set expansion!... read more.

A Person-Shaped Hole

mindstorm – Tue, 04 June, 01:30 PM

Hypothetical time: you’re starting a new game and want to have all the player characters connected in a way that creates just the right amount of drama, tension, and connective tissue. There needs to be an iron-clad bond between them, but you’re having trouble coming up with the solution. Have no fe... read more.

RPG Print News – Legendary Games, Cubicle 7, and More

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 04 June, 12:30 PM

D&D 5E, Old-School Essentials, Castles & Crusades, Black Flag Roleplaying, and Wrath & Glory all have new print products out this week.... read more.

DF Session 194, Felltower 131 - Olympus Gate II, Part II

Dungeon Fantastic – Tue, 04 June, 12:58 AM

Date: June 2nd, 2024 Game Date: May 19th, 2024 Weather: Sunny, warm. Characters Chop, human cleric (301 points) Duncan Tesadic, human wizard (300 points) Hannari Ironhand, dwarf martial artist (316 points) Persistance Montgomery, human knight (300 points) Thor Halfskepna, human knight (306 points)... read more.

How Encounter Party won over TV audiences

Rascal News – Tue, 04 June, 12:08 AM

Encounter Party is the latest long-form narrative AP from Wizards of the Coast on the D&D Adventures channel. In speaking to the show’s producers, Brian David Judkins and Ned Donovan, they painted an image of a new kind of actual play—one that focuses on story and character over player and gameplay—... read more.

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