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The Unmade

GROGNARDIA – Thu, 06 June, 04:00 AM

An Unmade Brute by Zhu BajieThe Unmade (or Omajya in the Onha language) are the unnatural servitors of the Unmakers. Transformed by iniquitous sorcery, the Unmade are frightful demonstrations of where the Unmakers' nihilistic philosophy leads if unchecked. They are also a potent threat to the civili... read more.

A Week in Ireland

Throne of Salt – Thu, 06 June, 02:02 AM

I recently spent a very enjoyable week's vacation in Ireland: me being me, I keep a running list of notes on my phone of assorted thoughts and observations, which I have expanded in editing but have kept in mostly the same order."The perfect cat pic doesn't exi-"Phase 1: CorkWe saw exactly two cats ... read more.

Tabletop journalism deserves better than this, and so do you

Rascal News – Thu, 06 June, 12:17 AM

May was a terrible month for games journalism, the latest in a succession of nadirs that included layoffs, editors in chief quitting in protest, Google’s precipitous medding with how it ranks websites and the ongoing consolidation of outlets. If you’re a journalist or critic, none of this is new. If... read more.

Magic Carpets!

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Wed, 05 June, 10:31 PM

Shop #3 – Carpets (300 dpi promo, no commercial license) Today we return to the intersection of Market & Random streets – based on a Patreon request from Mark Clover, I’m drawing up individual floor plans for a number of shops, stores, vendors, and businesses along a single market block. As I draw ... read more.

Tinkering With the Toolbox

The Dododecahedron – Wed, 05 June, 06:46 PM

— Gustave Brion, mid 19th century About a year ago, I wrote “Toolbox Design,” in which I discuss my appreciation for games that make slot-based inventories a major focus of play (Into the Odd, Knave, Mausritter, Cairn, etc). This fascination has endured as I’ve continued work on my own contribution... read more.

Dropout releases official trailer for Dimension 20: Never Stop Blowing Up

Rascal News – Wed, 05 June, 05:30 PM

This is a community submitted press release. Dropout today released the official trailer for Dimension 20: Never Stop Blowing Up, set to premiere June 26th, 2024. In this season of the platform’s beloved actual play series, six down-on-their-luck strip-mall employees are sucked into a magic VHS tape... read more.

Retrospective: Verbosh

GROGNARDIA – Wed, 05 June, 04:00 PM

In my youth, I didn't have a lot of direct experience with Judges Guild products. Aside from the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, I can probably count the number of JG releases I owned or used on one hand. Partly that's because I was an unrepentant TSR fanboy and looked askance at third-party products, ... read more.

One Week Bundle: Sci-Fi Locations

Azukail Games – Wed, 05 June, 03:04 PM

For one week seven science fiction location supplements have been bundled together with 50% off. They are as follows: 100 Derelict and Wrecked Spaceships to Encounter 100 Space Age Ruins 100 Space Bars 100 Space Landmarks 100 Spaceships to Encounter 100 Spaceports to Encounter A Baker’s Dozen of Inh... read more.

Monster Vault Peek: Tales of the Valiant presents . . . ettercap!

Kobold Press – Wed, 05 June, 02:49 PM

The Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game is out! But we’ve got time for one more—not really a preview, but a post-view maybe?—of the Monster Vault. On sale now! As the creators of the Creature Codex and the Tome of Beasts series, we wanted to give the same love and care for the earliest 5E mon... read more.

Finally An Organization Obsessed With Lights

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Wed, 05 June, 01:43 PM

Bathe in the brilliance of the Morning Star—if you're brave enough.... read more.

Mega-Franchises & Shibboleths

The Alexandrian – Wed, 05 June, 01:31 PM

If you’re a geek older than forty, one of the tough/weird adjustments you’ve had to make in your life is that there was a point where you could reasonably expect to at least sample every significant geek media release… … and then you couldn’t. In the ‘90s, for example, I could reasonably expect to... read more.

Wednesday Comics: DC, September 1983 (week 1)

From the Sorcerer's Skull – Wed, 05 June, 11:00 AM

My ongoing mission: read DC Comics' output from January 1980 (cover date) to Crisis! Today, I'm looking at the comics at newsstands on the week of June 2, 1983. The Meanwhile... column in this issue mentions a number of projects in the works. The ones that won't ever see publication are Teen Titans/... read more.

Gnomecast 190 – Beginning Campaigns Comfortably

Gnome Stew – Wed, 05 June, 10:00 AM

https://polygamero.us/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/Gnomecast-190.mp3 Join Ang and Josh, along with guest Carl Lehmann as they talk about finding your sweet spot on what you need to begin a campaign comfortably and confidently. Links: Symphony Entertainment Alien with Carl – Part 1 Alien with Carl – Pa... read more.

Astronomical Scenery Dresses Up Your Space Travel

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Wed, 05 June, 09:16 AM

Characters often stumble across travel scenery--interesting window dressing which makes journeys more interesting. In space, there's scenery too!... read more.

Review: Where Evil Lives

Seed of Worlds – Wed, 05 June, 07:22 AM

tl;dr: MCDM action-oriented monsters in their lairs - 22 lairs with neat set-piece battles for a range from level 2 to 20. "Where Evil Lives: The MCDM book of boss battles" - does what it says on the tin. I got this because I went in on the Flee, Mortals! kickstarter and they succeeded so hard the ... read more.

13th Age Interview List, Annotated, with a Bit of 4E

Rob Heinsoo – Wed, 05 June, 04:50 AM

Blue Dragon in Battle, 2E art by Simone Bannach The interview list comes first. At the end there's a note about this weekend's 4E interview and streaming game on the GenCon channel! I’ve been busy with interviews the past few weeks. Mostly about 13th Age, often about the 2E Kickstarter that’s... read more.

Settlers of the wastes 2: Order & Defence

Elfmaids & Octopi – Wed, 05 June, 04:29 AM

roll d4 times each settlementd20 Settlers Defences1 Wall of rubble and garbage2 Defensive trenches and sandbags3 Pit of wooden steaks4 Barbed wire6 Log palisade wall7 Watchtower8 Alarm bell9 Underground shelter10 Escape tunnel11 Flooded moat full of mud and slime12 Dogs or geese or other living alar... read more.

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