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Random Links & Thoughts for 6/7/2024

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 08 June, 12:36 AM

Just two quick notes for today: - There is a review on Periapt Games of Dungeon Fantasy Monster Seeds. Thanks for the review - reviews are always welcome! - Next game is 6/23.... read more.

How To Run Urban Campaigns in D&D

Hipsters & Dragons – Sat, 08 June, 12:35 AM

While cities in Dungeons & Dragons are jam-packed with adventure potential, it can be much harder for DMs to find the drama in an urban setting, versus that of the dungeon or wilderness. This is largely because the Dungeon Master’s main tool – monsters – can’t be deployed with the same frequency and... read more.

Translation and Design Opportunity

GROGNARDIA – Fri, 07 June, 07:30 PM

This notice appeared in issue #68 (December 1982) of Dragon:Though the notice doesn't explicitly say so, I assume the job on offer relates to the project that would eventually become Oriental Adventures. Of course, it could also have been about translating Dungeons & Dragons (and other TSR RPGs) int... read more.

D&D 5E – Adventure Module AT-02 Quest for the Mithral Sphere

Dungeon Master Assistance – Fri, 07 June, 07:27 PM

AT-02 Quest for the Mithral Sphere This is the second adventure in a series of adventures that I will be posting here, that will make up the “Its About Time” campaign arc. These adventures will take a group of adventurers from level 1 to level 20. Download this adventure for free:AT-02 Quest for th... read more.

We Wrestle With Identity All The Time

ars ludi – Fri, 07 June, 05:55 PM

During a game a little while ago, I remarked that story gamers wrestle with concepts of identity all the time. More than lots of other people and even more than other gamers. It was an off-the-cuff observation, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s absolutely true. I’m particularly ta... read more.

A Fool's Errand: new mini series and TTRPG from Planet Arcana

Rascal News – Fri, 07 June, 05:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. Who defends the realm of collective consciousness?The Network Defenders have long been a subtle protective influence over the realm of dreams and data. Now, half the Network Defenders have gone missing. With KnightFall’s most recent disappearance, can Sno... read more.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Kirktá? (Part III)

GROGNARDIA – Fri, 07 June, 04:00 PM

When last we left him, Kirktá and his clan-mates were wrestling with the recent revelation that Kúrek Tiqónnu Thirreqúmmu, lord of the city of Koylugá, was somehow aware of the fact that the youthful scholar priest of Durritlámish was, in fact, a hidden heir to the Petal Throne. Further, Kúrek was f... read more.

Chagrinspire Mega Nega Dungeon pt2

Elfmaids & Octopi – Fri, 07 June, 03:34 PM

Blackpowder flintlocks are the pinnacle of some dwarf and human armoury secrets. Black powder produces lots of smoke, but one species discovered the next level alchemy. Koboldium can be fashioned into fuel, explosives and smokeless powder for advanced cartridge ammo of the Black Sphere millitary and... read more.

Neal Litherland Reads “Safeties Off” from 100 Professions For a Sci-Fi Setting

Azukail Games – Fri, 07 June, 03:07 PM

In this video, Neal Litherland reads the fiction “Safeties Off” from 100 Professions For a Sci-Fi Setting. The post Neal Litherland Reads “Safeties Off” from 100 Professions For a Sci-Fi Setting first appeared on Azukail Games.... read more.

Push it to the redline in HEAT.

Rascal News – Fri, 07 June, 03:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. The Cybernetic Coven is here to announce, in collaboration with Dragon Cobolt, a fast-talking, sharpshooting, pulse-pounding action game the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Welcome to HEAT.HEAT HEAT is a fast-paced, highly tactical, diceless game... read more.

Sugar Dates & Figs! Sugar Dates & Pistachios!

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Fri, 07 June, 02:30 PM

Shop 4 – The Fruit Shop (300 dpi promo, no commercial license) Back to the shops along the intersection of Market & Random. Based on a Patreon request from Mark Clover, I’m drawing up individual floor plans for a number of shops, stores, vendors, and businesses along a single market block. As I dra... read more.

Look the Part You Play

GROGNARDIA – Fri, 07 June, 02:00 PM

Another interesting advertisement from Dragon, this time from issue #67 (November 1982):... read more.

Pack Tactics Advice: How can I get my players to be more proactive?

Kobold Press – Fri, 07 June, 02:00 PM

It’s time again for the Kobold Press advice column, Pack Tactics! Our roundtable experts this month are Ben Eastman, Basheer Ghouse, Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind, Jeff Quick, and Mike Welham. You might recognize some of these names from Kobold Press products such as the updated Tome of Beasts 1 ... read more.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: They Have a Space Lawyer

Pelgrane Press Ltd – Fri, 07 June, 01:33 PM

In the latest episode of their apiary avenging podcast, Ken and Robin talk Ley Brothers, the assassination of a Kentucky governor, the Beekeeper as one-to-one action game inspiration, and trademarked contactee aliens.... read more.

Deep Dive - The Red Dragon Pt. 1

No INT here - Dump Stat Adventures – Fri, 07 June, 01:00 PM

It's long overdue, but we’re finally talking about dragons. One of the mightiest dragons in the early editions, the Red Dragon was second only to the Gold Dragon (but not in our hearts and never to their face).This great fire-breathing garnet behemoth of a lizard is responsible for the pain of milli... read more.

Cantrips IV: The Black Flag edit

Homebrew and Hacking – Fri, 07 June, 12:00 PM

Introduction As per the previous two posts, I’m looking at cantrips and the design space around them. Extracted from the Black Flag Reference Document by Kobold Press (Black Flag) here are some of the cantrips. I’m going to compare them with some of those that have come out of the Level Up: Advanced... read more.

SFWA Posthumously Presents Jennell Jaquays with the 2024 Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Fri, 07 June, 04:57 AM

The award is given for “significant contributions to the science fiction, fantasy, and related genres community”... read more.


GROGNARDIA – Fri, 07 June, 04:00 AM

Aranalar by Luigi CastellaniAranalar ("Indomitable") is a sword +1, +2 vs the Unmade forged from alchemical steel. Its blade is single sided, forward curving, and,like all Kulvuan osuna, intended to be wielded from the back of a teteku, The blade itself is approximately two feet in length and bears ... read more.

2024 Diana Jones Award Finalists Announced

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Fri, 07 June, 03:46 AM

Finalists include one game designer, two conventions, a charity bundle, and a labor union... read more.

GM Trick: Instant Gratification

Roleplaying Tips – Fri, 07 June, 02:42 AM

Here’s another sneaky GM trick to use sparingly. I believe I’ve written about this before, but as I was cleaning up old files this week, I came across this note and wanted to make sure I shared it with you before deleting: Delayed gratification vs. instant gratification = GM takes advantage of human... read more.

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