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Daily TTRPG Blog Posts – Sunday, 9 June 2024

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Diary: Airxip Sadijh took me to meet a dead man who can blink

Full Moon Storytelling – Sat, 08 June, 10:44 PM

Been flying on the Sadijh since Captain Crilbort and the crew picked me up outside Oojar a few feylfs ago (weeks). My canoe broke, and, curse it, somehow I couldn’t repair the clackety rudder and the self-paddler lost its energy. My path was to go upriver, but upriver is hard when you have to paddle... read more.

Dragon Heist – Accelerated!

The Alexandrian – Sat, 08 June, 10:30 PM

Go to Part 1 How quickly can you complete a run of the Dragon Heist remix? This is a question I get asked fairly frequently. Personally, I like this campaign a lot, and I don’t recommend rushing it. One of the things that makes it special is how the PCs can become entwined in the fabric of the city... read more.

100 Things for a Fallen Dwarven Hall, 100 Floors to Find in a Dungeon (C&C) and D66 Halflings for the Forbidden Lands Now Available

Azukail Games – Sat, 08 June, 03:30 PM

100 Things for a Fallen Dwarven Hall, 100 Floors to Find in a Dungeon (C&C) and D66 Halflings for the Forbidden Lands are now available to buy on DriveThruRPG. Dwarven halls can sometimes fall to their enemies, and 100 Things for a Fallen Dwarven Hall has 100 things to discover in such an overrun ho... read more.

Godkiller: Last Hope is the beginning of a new cycle for Transplanar

Rascal News – Sat, 08 June, 02:00 PM

“This is not a story about killing Gods,” says God, speaking solemnly to the camera.“Yes, it is,” counters the Godkiller, their back to us, to God.“This is not a story about redemption,” God says, ignoring the Godkiller.“Yes,” the Godkiller says, turning to face God, their voice brimming with resent... read more.

Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk #301

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 08 June, 11:59 AM

Morrus and PJ talk to guest Michael C. Davis from CERN to talk about Return of the Ripper.... read more.

Build Better Worlds To Die Upon

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sat, 08 June, 10:57 AM

For a campaign built on investigation and exploration rather than blasting through an Alien hive.... read more.

Tribute to Collaborative Dungeon Creation

Seed of Worlds – Sat, 08 June, 07:47 AM

tl;dr: trying to recall a genius blogpost on collaborative dungeon creation as 'forces of nature' This is an attempt to replicate a genius blogpost I found years ago and has eluded me since. Hopefully the original author will rock up and go 'hey, thats my idea' so I can finally link it. In the abse... read more.

Random Links & Thoughts for 6/7/2024

Dungeon Fantastic – Sat, 08 June, 12:36 AM

Just two quick notes for today: - There is a review on Periapt Games of Dungeon Fantasy Monster Seeds. Thanks for the review - reviews are always welcome! - Next game is 6/23.... read more.

How To Run Urban Campaigns in D&D

Hipsters & Dragons – Sat, 08 June, 12:35 AM

While cities in Dungeons & Dragons are jam-packed with adventure potential, it can be much harder for DMs to find the drama in an urban setting, versus that of the dungeon or wilderness. This is largely because the Dungeon Master’s main tool – monsters – can’t be deployed with the same frequency and... read more.

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