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Retrospective: Secret of the Slavers Stockade

GROGNARDIA – Wed, 03 July, 04:00 AM

The "Slave Lords" series of AD&D modules consists of four modules, beginning with Slave Lords of the Undercity, about which I have fond, if complicated, feelings. Truth be told, that's true of all the modules in the A-series, They're a mix of compelling ideas, some memorable encounters, and contrive... read more.

Dragomarks: Sora Teraza and the Demon Wastes

Keith Baker’s Blog – Wed, 03 July, 01:16 AM

When time permits, I like to answer interesting questions posed by my Patreon supporters. Questions like this… Did/does Sora Teraza have a carrion tribe dedicated to her? When the Daughters of Sora Kell revealed themselves as the rulers of the … Continue reading →... read more.

Unfortunately, I was right about D&D’s digital future

Rascal News – Tue, 02 July, 10:23 PM

It’s not exactly fun being right about industry trends, especially when your professional prognostication tends to skew pessimistic. And yet, here we are, looking at a chart of pre-order bonuses for Dungeons & Dragons’ 2024 Player’s Handbook, squinting at the material difference between two differen... read more.

Get Ready to Level Up Your Convention Experience with All Year I Dream About Gaming Conventions

Rascal News – Tue, 02 July, 08:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. Calling all dreamers! Do you spend the year between conventions counting down the days until the next epic event? Craving insider tips and deep dives into the convention experience? Then buckle up, because All Year I Dream About Gaming Conventions is the ... read more.

Kobold Variants

GROGNARDIA – Tue, 02 July, 07:30 PM

Investigating the art of TSR era Dungeons & Dragons is a deep rabbit hole and I expect I'll be delving into it a great deal over the next few weeks. Apologies in advance to those of you who don't find this sort of thing nearly as interesting as I do. That's why I'm briefly going to return to the sub... read more.

Not Your Father’s Mister Hummington

ars ludi – Tue, 02 July, 07:19 PM

I think this might win as the weirdest idea for a Microscope Chronicle history, but it totally worked. Marc says, what if we make the history of a cartoon character? And we ask, you mean like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, the character’s place in society and how the character changes over time and inf... read more.

4 Key Changes to Spells in the 2024 Player's Handbook

D&D Beyond – Tue, 02 July, 06:39 PM

Whether you divine, enchant, or evocate, there's something new for every type of caster in the 2024 Player's Handbook. Preview new spells and revisions to existing spells here!... read more.

They're Multiplying ...!

GROGNARDIA – Tue, 02 July, 05:01 PM

The discussion surrounding the depiction of gnolls in TSR era Dungeons & Dragons has been quite lively, both in the comments and in emails sent to me privately. Another commenter pointed me toward an even more obscure gnoll illustration.This full-page piece originally appeared in 1981's The Sinister... read more.

The Dark Urge is the most honest way to play Baldur’s Gate 3

Rascal News – Tue, 02 July, 05:00 PM

There are many reasons why Baldur’s Gate 3 has endeared itself to so many over the past year: the intricate narrative, the deep character stories, and even, on occasion, the romance that an adventurer might find along the way. But playing as The Dark Urge—an origin character that doesn’t appear as a... read more.

Limited Time D&D 5E Campaign Expansion Pack

Wyrmworks Publishing – Tue, 02 July, 02:52 PM

Get the new D&D 5E bundle on DriveThruRPG! New adventures, ancestries, adventure hooks, NPCs, maps, and more. Save 45%! #DnD #TTRPG The post Limited Time D&D 5E Campaign Expansion Pack first appeared on Wyrmworks Publishing.... read more.

Complex Choices

The CORE20 RPG System – Tue, 02 July, 02:51 PM

Questions about character building or anything else in CORE20? Email core20@insaneangel.com or join us on the CORE20 Discord server and ask away! • Over the next half-year or so, I suspect there’s going to be an awful lot of talk on the topic of complexity in d20 gaming, as the new rules for D&D 202... read more.

Evonshire Cloak (5E)

Azukail Games – Tue, 02 July, 02:49 PM

Evonshire cloaks are a non-magical cloak that is one of the signature items produced by Evonshire’s Outdoor Goods, found in Merchants of Sundara, a cloak that is both warm and waterproof and provides a ready means of improving the chances of surviving outdoors. When an Evonshire cloak is worn, it pr... read more.

One-Shot Builder: take the battle to the “Manastery”

Kobold Press – Tue, 02 July, 02:00 PM

So you found a cool map that inspires your next one shot. Awesome! But you don’t know where to start filling it up. No problem! This week we are covering the “Manastery”, a cloister-themed battle map from the Campaign Builder: Castles & Crowns Map Folio (out in August!) Campaign Builder: Castles... read more.

RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Arc Dream Publishing, and More

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 02 July, 12:30 PM

Delta Green, The Labyrinth, Mothership, Warhammer FRP, and weird town and corporate horror print products out this week.... read more.

OK, One More

GROGNARDIA – Tue, 02 July, 12:18 PM

Once again, my readers have demonstrated that they have better memories than I. There is indeed an illustration of a gnoll in The Secret of Bone Hill. The illustration in question is by Harry Quinn, an underappreciated TSR artist whose name is rarely brought up in discussions like these.A couple of ... read more.

Way Up North

From the Sorcerer's Skull – Tue, 02 July, 11:00 AM

Art by Vsevolod IvanovWhile I was vacationing in Alaska a couple of weeks ago, I got though idea for a campaign inspired by the Klondike and other Alaskan gold rushes. To give something for fantasy rpg PCs to do besides turn prospector (though they could do that) I figure the forbidding northern wil... read more.

There Will Be No More Hydro74 Alternate D&D Covers

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Tue, 02 July, 09:06 AM

Hydro74 has confirmed that Vecna: Even of Ruin was their final alternate cover for D&D.... read more.

Never Stop Blowing Up is actual play’s medium-blending summer blockbuster

Rascal News – Tue, 02 July, 12:04 AM

Summer blockbusters are as American as Ronald Regan. At the heart of Dimension 20's latest season Never Stop Blowing Up sits a deep nostalgia for the genre and a critical lens on its place in American culture. The first episode introduces us to the staff of a failing video rental store who are trans... read more.

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