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Polyhedron: Final Thoughts

GROGNARDIA – Fri, 05 July, 04:00 AM

In my post about issue #30 of Polyhedron, I promised I'd do write a summation of my thoughts about the RPGA newszine before taking up my next series about a gaming periodical (more on that below). A combination of distraction and forgetfulness led to my not following through on that promise until to... read more.

Archives Updated & a Kraken Update

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Thu, 04 July, 07:52 PM

I spent last night finally updating the map archives on the site. The primary map archive currently has 1,367 maps. And the commercial map archive is up to 610 maps. I’ve also fielded a few questions about the Release the Kraken process. We are still re-releasing two maps a month from the a... read more.

So You Want To Write a Subclass

Brandes Stoddard – Thu, 04 July, 03:31 PM

Let’s get the first thing out of the way: I am not an authority, and I am not the Subclass Design Cops. If you have a design that makes you happy, go with God. This is just a collection of things I’ve either figured out or been taught by people smarter and more interesting than me. The fundamentals:... read more.

Stages of Drawing a Broken Crate

Azukail Games – Thu, 04 July, 03:09 PM

A brief video showing the stages of drawing the illustration, Filler Art – Broken Crate, used in D10: Find on a Fantasy Street. The post Stages of Drawing a Broken Crate first appeared on Azukail Games.... read more.

At 50 years old, Dungeons & Dragons is an artifact

Rascal News – Thu, 04 July, 03:00 PM

While we are in the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons it’s only natural that the industry—and Wizards of the Coast—allows themselves time to reflect on the history of the game. There’s a rather excellent book chock-full of archival material, a greatest-hits adventure, an antholo... read more.

Independence Day!

Kobold Press – Thu, 04 July, 02:00 PM

July 4th is the day in the United States when we celebrate our independence as a nation. It’s a pretty great place, NGL! July 5th is the day we take off this year because it’s a Friday after July 4th and nobody’s going to work that day. The Kobold offices are closed July 4th and 5th, but we’ll b... read more.

My first self published RPG Product Hogwater: Village of Secrets is now available

Grumpy Wizard – Thu, 04 July, 02:00 PM

First, a note about how to get Hogwater on DriveThru RPG. DriveThru is not keen on selling books that have adult content. There is some adult material in Hogwater but it’s not horribly graphic. The adult parts are implied and in the subtext. In hindsight, I might as well have included disturbing and... read more.

Strapping into a Mobile Coffin

Bastionland Presser – Thu, 04 July, 10:05 AM

This Week’s post looks at the courageous people willing to climb inside a MAC.With the core rules alone, MAC Attack focused entirely on the MAC, not the pilot.Now I'm testing out a few options to make the pilot feel like more of a presence on the field.Compared to Perks and Flaws, which generally re... read more.

Heraldry – a mixed lot

Anna B. Meyer – Thu, 04 July, 06:29 AM

This last batch is a small mixed lot of shields and symbols.  Let’s start with Uskedge that comes from a reference in the Saga of Old City Gord novel, a General Lomor, the Margrave of Uskedge leads a Great Kingdom force into the battle at Woodford in the Adri. I created the March of Uskedge […]... read more.

An Innovative XP System: Buying Your Next Level

Roleplaying Tips – Thu, 04 July, 03:05 AM

Today, I’m sharing an interesting XP system from Wizard of Adventure @valenpendragon where you buy your next level. This method of XP came up during last Saturday’s monthly Wizard of Adventure Q&A call. Speaking of which, Wizards of Adventure: the call recording (MP4, MP3, transcript) from Saturday ... read more.

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