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Daily TTRPG Blog Posts – Monday, 8 July 2024

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A (Very) Partial Pictorial History of Trolls

GROGNARDIA – Mon, 08 July, 04:00 AM

It's well known that, in populating the bestiary of Dungeons & Dragons, Arneson and Gygax regularly looked beyond mythology and folklore for inspiration. Such is obviously the case with the troll, which borrows heavily from the monster's description in Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions ri... read more.

Mothership Patches 3

Throne of Salt – Sun, 07 July, 08:44 PM

100 Patches, 100 Trinkets , 100 More Patches, 100 More Trinkets F.O.M.O.Red giant w/ sunglassesHarpooned heartFerret biting its tailLogo: Iago Prime Clown ReserveGorilla throwing up the hornsMolecular model of cocaineBull’s headGolden rat"RUN AWAY!" (sprinting stick figure)“I’m manifesting my boot u... read more.

News Digest for July 7, 2024

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sun, 07 July, 11:33 AM

Infinite Staircase previews, Roll20 Hack, ENNIE Nominations, and more!... read more.

Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk #305

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Sun, 07 July, 09:19 AM

Morrus, PJ, and Jessica go over all the tabletop RPG news of the week including the Roll20 hack, PHB pre-order controversy, and more!... read more.

Worldographer New Upcoming Feature: Revised Empire/Nation Generator

Inkwell Ideas – Sun, 07 July, 01:30 AM

Time to show off another new feature coming up in the new major Worldographer update!  The existing generator to place an empire or nation on the map is arbitrarily limited to have just 5 cities or towns. In the next update, you can set that limit to whatever you’d like. As long as Worldographer kee... read more.

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