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Summer LEGO RPG Setting Jam

A Knight at the Opera – Tue, 09 July, 04:14 AM

This is my submission to DIY & Dragon's Summer LEGO RPG Setting Jam. Got it in just under the wire. Click this link to access a Google Drive folder with all the materials.Just like everyone else, I was super excited when I read Anne's announcement for the jam. And also just like everyone else, my th... read more.

A New Plan and A New Fellowship

ars ludi – Tue, 09 July, 03:25 AM

I’ve got a new plan. Possibly even plans within plans. If you read my blog, or have listened to me talk for more than three minutes, you already know that I think GMless games are great. I think people sitting down and creating things together — spontaneously building on each others’ ideas — is good... read more.

Final 48 Hours for a Bundle of Dyson!

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Tue, 09 July, 03:01 AM

We are in the final stretch of the Dyson’s Delves Bundle of Holding. This is a short-term, 14-day bundle and we are very close to wrapping it up. So, if you’ve been waffling on it, this is likely your last chance to get this much of my material at this low of a price point. The complete bundle fe... read more.

Your kind, annual reminder that awards aren’t that important

Rascal News – Tue, 09 July, 12:10 AM

The ENNIE Awards recently announced their suite of final nominations for 2024, draping no small honor on dozens of designers, artists, writers, publishers, and other tabletop professionals. This is a big deal in our industry, arguably the largest annual crowning of achievement in RPGs short of a boo... read more.

Advanced Gamemastery: Magic Item Markets

The Alexandrian – Mon, 08 July, 10:48 PM

Should the PCs be able to buy magic items? Should your fantasy cities have magic item markets? It’s not just how common magic is, it’s how common different TYPES of magic are. The answers you choose can utterly transform your D&D, Pathfinder, or other fantasy RPG campaign. Subscribe Now! ... read more.

D&D Historian Benn Riggs On Gary Gygax & Sexism

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Mon, 08 July, 10:20 PM

D&D historian Ben Riggs delved into the facts.... read more.

In Eat the Reich, the players keep each other safe

Rascal News – Mon, 08 July, 09:57 PM

When I play games with my friends I rarely use formalized safety tools. Most people reading this probably know that forgoing safety tools entirely isn’t best practice for roleplaying games, so before I go much further: safety tools good. Yes, I should know better than to just handwave this important... read more.

Midgard Monday: Ravenfolk Lineage and Heritage of Midgard

Kobold Press – Mon, 08 July, 05:10 PM

It’s Midgard Monday! Each week, we visit a corner of the wide world of Midgard. Look for standalone content you can drop into your campaign—whether it’s in Midgard or your own homebrew. Find new inspiration each Midgard Monday! As we continue our tour of Midgard lineages for Tales of the Valiant... read more.

2024 Monk vs. 2014 Monk: What’s New

D&D Beyond – Mon, 08 July, 04:30 PM

Come see how the 2024 Monk packs even more of a punch! With a completely reworked Focus Point feature and revised subclasses, these martial warriors channel their inner power like never before.... read more.

Not DnD | Chasing Adventure

EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews – Mon, 08 July, 04:10 PM

A tabletop roleplaying game about daring adventurers in a dangerous fantasy world.... read more.

Jude's World: A Solo Parent-Trapping TTPRG Launching August 6th

Rascal News – Mon, 08 July, 04:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release.Jude's World, the latest project by Yvris Burke of Button Kin Games, is coming to Kickstarter this August 6th. A precocious preteen protagonist struggles to reunite their warring parents in this solo, tarot-based TTRPG which both pays homage to and critiqu... read more.

Halls of the Mountain King Session 21 – Terror from the Airlock

Richard Green | Game Designer – Mon, 08 July, 03:00 PM

Halls of the Mountain King was the second 4th Edition Open Design project from Kobold Press. I ran the adventure in 2010 as part of the same Parsantium campaign as Wrath of the River King. Here’s the write up from the 21st session featuring a nasty encounter with a mohrg (one of my favourite 3e/4e ... read more.

Halls of the Mountain King Session 21 – The Thing in the Airlock

Richard Green | Game Designer – Mon, 08 July, 03:00 PM

Halls of the Mountain King was the second 4th Edition Open Design project from Kobold Press. I ran the adventure in 2010 as part of the same Parsantium campaign as Wrath of the River King. Here’s the write up from the 21st session featuring a nasty encounter with a mohrg (one of my favourite 3e/4e ... read more.

D10: Night City Rumours – The Gangs of Night City

Azukail Games – Mon, 08 July, 02:55 PM

10 Hooks and Rumours for Cyberpunk’s Night City This list has ten hooks and rumours that can be heard about the gangsl of Night City. Whether or not they are true is up to the GameMaster. They can be used as background colour or as potential adventure hooks. Maelstrom looks to be gearing up... read more.

Messin’ with the Anti-G

Campaign Mastery – Mon, 08 July, 02:52 PM

Today’s article is sci-fi in orientation but fantasy GMs should stick around, there’s stuff for you too before I’m done. In a similar way, this is all about “world” design, but the techniques can be applied elsewhere, for example, adventure creation. So Buckle Up, we’re about to take a wild ride tog... read more.

Saint Sephaton’s Wine Garden

Dyson's Dodecahedron – Mon, 08 July, 02:20 PM

Building 6 – Wine Garden (300 dpi promo, no commercial license) Back to the shops along the intersection of Market & Random. Based on a Patreon request from Mark Clover, I’m drawing up individual floor plans for a number of shops, stores, vendors, and businesses along a single market block. As I dr... read more.

Krataris Origins begins beta testing a new system live tonight!

Rascal News – Mon, 08 July, 02:00 PM

This is a community submitted press release. Spellbook Gaming invites you to join them on a different kind of actual play journey, one that could be felt for years to come. What makes Krataris Origins special is that the GM is also the designer of the TTRPG system we're using, the AP is a live beta ... read more.

Mammoth Masher

About Bruce Heard and New Stories – Mon, 08 July, 12:35 PM

The next installment for my War Machines series and the next step up from the Command Chariot is the Mammoth Masher, a multi-section vehicle pulled by two to four mammoths. Click here for the Command Chariot. The game stats are for D&D BECMI.The Masher Mk I includes three large wagons hitched togeth... read more.

More Gwelf

From the Sorcerer's Skull – Mon, 08 July, 11:00 AM

Larry MacDougall released another book in his Redwall-esque fantasy series, Gwelf last month. This one is called Gwelf: Into the Hinterlands. In this one, Willburton Fox and his party set out into the North, first the Scrublands, then the dangerous territory controlled by the Ravens and menaced by R... read more.

Shiny TTRPG links #180

Seed of Worlds – Mon, 08 July, 08:06 AM

More archive diving during this holiday period. For yet more links, see the previous list found here or you can check the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. Roll to Doubt gives us Playable Setting Features Sea of St... read more.

The Fading of Fifth Edition

Merric's Musings – Mon, 08 July, 06:08 AM

We are entering the last days of Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition. Yes, I know that Wizards of the Coast wants you to believe that the 2024 edition is not a new edition of the game, but everything we’ve seen indicates a significant overhaul of the player-facing mechanics of the game. It’s still comp... read more.

Build Your Own Vecna Campaign

Sly Flourish – Mon, 08 July, 06:00 AM

The Kickstarter for my latest book, The City of Arches, begins August 6th! Sign up to be notified on the launch of this high-fantasy city sourcebook for Lazy GMs! I'm not going to spend a lot of time on details but I wasn't a fan of the plot of WOTC's Vecna – Eve of Ruin adventure. Without spoilin... read more.

A (Very) Partial Pictorial History of Trolls

GROGNARDIA – Mon, 08 July, 04:00 AM

It's well known that, in populating the bestiary of Dungeons & Dragons, Arneson and Gygax regularly looked beyond mythology and folklore for inspiration. Such is obviously the case with the troll, which borrows heavily from the monster's description in Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions ri... read more.

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